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New Arrival
Sous Chef Multi Utility Platter
Knurl Terracotta Curd Setter(Small)
Mango Spatula Slotted Natural
Mango Spatula Small Lifter Natural
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Mango Spatula Lifter Narrow Natural
Mango Spatula Lifter Natural
Mango Spatula Flat Lifter Natural
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Teak Wood Ladle
Teak Wood Spatula
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Long Oak Pasta Measure with 4 Portion
Round Oak Pasta Measure with 4 Portion
White Marble Chakla Belan with Stand
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In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand
white marble mortar & pestle
white marble mortar & pestle- small


Our handcrafted cookware collection blends beauty with a purpose. The wooden cookware makes a timeless statement in your kitchen. Each piece is designed ergonomically to make it a breeze to work. And that's the thing about wooden cookware, it turns itself into kitchen heirlooms just by its nature of being. The terracotta cookware brings cultural wisdom back into your cooking regime. It's porous and houses the good bacteria, so it sets thick curd that does well for the gut too. When it holds water, much like the good old Matka, it not only keeps the water fresh but alkalizes it too. No wonder body pains, weak bones and weaker resilience were so uncommon back in the day. We've reimagined it in a contemporary form to make tradition walk with us even today. Above this, all of our cookware is entirely food-safe. It meets international food-safety standards and doesn't get in the way of whatever you cook. Our ceramic cookware is quite the looker too. It stands beautifully by itself and gets along well with the likes of glass and wood when required.

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