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Earthy Cotton Dish Towel Set of Two
Blush Cotton Dish Towel Set of Two
Maze Cotton Dish Towel Set of Two
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Rice Dish Towel Set of Two

True beauty enters your house with silent steps and finds a purpose in it. Because after all, beauty is what looks good and does good. The home chef doesn't cook out of necessity. They do it because they truly enjoy the art behind cooking. And our linen equips the home-chef and adorns them with interesting patterns. From our mitt and pott holders, microwave oven gloves to aprons and even dish towels, each one of them is a style statement for the kitchen. Woven with cotton, there's a burst of yellow because happy foods need happy kitchens. Or a deeper blue for some mellow energy. Or there are patterns strewn over them that you could choose from.  Extrovert dish towels for the kitchen that blend in on the table too. They wipe utensils that refuse to air dry. And they get along well with the look of the rest of your table. Break an everyday pattern, buy dish towels online and food-safe dish towels that never interfere with anything you serve at ellementry.com.  

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