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Sienna Tarracotta Jar with Wooden Lid
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Fiore Ceramic Jar Small
Fiore Ceramic Jar Large
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carbon ceramic jar
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Aqua Rustic Ceramic Jar with Wooden Lid
blue wood utensil holder


What goes where?' is the most important question, even more so for kitchens. Everything has its right place, strategically decided depending on its function. And if you don't take storage seriously, it can either make or break it for you in the kitchen. Our kitchen jars are a trip back to tradition. Crafted with mouth-blown glass, they're entirely food-safe. Glass not only keeps things clear but it never enters anything it stores, making it one of the most food-safe materials. Paired with wooden lids, our glass storage jars are both beautiful and useful. Even ceramic jars, beautifully hand-painted and paired with wood make a statement and store food safely. And a conversation about good storage isn't complete without the kitchen rack and shelf that makes the most of the space given to it. The handcrafted kitchen organiser makes life easier while blending beautifully into it.

Kitchen Organisers with Price

Kitchen Organisers Products Name Price
Maze Ceramic Jar with Wooden Lid (White) 750
blue wood utensil holder 890
white wood shelf- large 4490
white wooden rack and shelf- large 3790
brown wood rack and shelf- large 3790

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