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Kitchens can be simple places with the right utilities. Our kitchen utilities don't just meet a purpose, they do so beautifully. Crafted in wood, they're timeless. More than just utilities, they become kitchen heirlooms. For the eclectic curators who indulge in the cheese culture, our wooden cheese board sets the stage for camembert or gouda or any type on the table. Our veggies deserve our best: our timeless wooden chopping board makes life simple, giving you a firm base, all the while looking classy. They're just thick enough to let you chop with ease, but light enough to carry it to the window and finish the chore by the sun. The wooden butcher board is for neat cuts and precise chopping. It's sturdy and looks good too. After all, if the kitchen is one of the most important places in your home, doesn't it deserve the fine blend of form and function?

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