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Metal Serveware Accessories

Our accessories take beauty and purpose to the most minor things in your life. It's places like these, where no one's looking or expecting beauty.

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Serveware Accessories

Accessories that inspire, Conversations you desire. Finding beauty in the obvious places isn't encouraging. When we chance upon it in the unlikeliest of places, we take a step back and spend some time appreciating it in our every day.  Our serveware accessories enters your routine, breaks a regular pattern and gives you the best of form and function, both. A tea bag rest is a small gesture that tells you someone cares about putting the bag after you've dipped it. Napkin rings keep the napkins neat, so they're welcoming and easily accessible. A beautiful tooth-pick holder says that you haven't put all of this together at the last moment. It tells people that this is who you really are: a person mindful of their surroundings and others around them.

A product that may seem unimportant in terms of beauty but has a massive value at performing tasks is our very own bottle stopper. Hand-painted ceramic bottle stoppers that love sangria sundowners as much as your work-desk. They go well with any glass bottle, making them beautiful upcycle pieces. Hand-carved wooden bottle stoppers that love sangria sundowners as much as your work-desk. They go well with any glass bottle, 

Opting for sustainable, eco-friendly bottle stoppers and napkin holders  from Ellementry is be the right step towards reducing some wastage from the face of the earth.

Here are all the reasons to opt for bottle stoppers from ellementry.

  • Most importantly, they are food safe.
  • Strong, sustainable and beautifully crafted.
  • Handmade and gives employment to many local artisans.
  • Good quality doesn’t break easily.
  • Don’t let air escape in to tarnish the value of the drink.
  • Highly recyclable

Bottle stoppers will enhance the décor of your home and give employment to some poor soul without hindering the ecosystem. Visit ellementry.com for some great options and do your bit for the cause.

Napkin rings from ellementry

The napkin ring were always in vogue, make it a part of your dining table to enhance the aesthetics of your dining table. You will find beautiful and unique napkin rings for your dining table here at ellementry. 

These napkin rings are handmade and beautiful.  Buy napkin rings for your dining table and impress your guests. 

The napkin holder in silver and brass from ellementry

How about giving some fruity twist to your dining table with this fruit shape napkin ring? This napkin holder in silver colour with a glossy finish will keep your napkins all tidy and rolled on your dining table. Host a dinner party or your everyday dinner; these napkin rings will give your dining a royal feel. This napkin holder will blend well with any dinnerware on your dining table and will give a glamorous look to your table. Take napkins of any colour, but red colour napkins will look amazing and add these napkin rings as a crown to it.

Adding napkin holders from ellementry are just like decorating your dining table with some jewellery. These are simple yet elegant pieces. Any colour napkin fits well with such kind of napkin rings. It goes well with silverware, too which makes it the most preferred piece to buy. 

These are some of the napkin rings you can buy here from Ellementry to enhance the aesthetics of your dining table. 

Benefits of using napkin rings from ellementry

  • Napkin rings to be used on a dining table should be comfortable to use. As beauty alone is not enough. These are the most comfortable napkin rings as they do not have any kind of sharp edges.
  • Always arrange your dining table using some colour combinations. For example, a dark-coloured napkin ring goes well with a light-coloured napkin and vice versa. Here you will find a variety of napkin holder in sustainable material like metal and wood.
  • These napkin ring can also be matched with other accessories on the table like silverware, dinner set, spoon stand, placemats, etc.
  • Napkin ring itself is a unique and the latest product in the market, it will add spark to your table, so don’t miss it at any cost. Explore the complete range here at ellementry.

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