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We all like a bottle of wine or cold champagne and our drinks filled with ice cubes. It makes wine ice bucket an essential part for a bar. It may seem a bit odd, but it is a fact that most of the bar drinks require bar ice in one form or another. So, keeping ice handy is crucial for a home bar. As ice not only chills beverages but as it melts, it becomes a part of the mix. Therefore a big ice bucket makes things easy by storing a lot of ice in it. Having ice close by is a matter of comfort and convenience, so ice bucket with a scoop makes scooping out ice very convenient for you and your guests.  At ellementry, you will find beautifully designed metal ice buckets that can sit at any table, and they are made with sturdy stainless steel to prevent rusting. Large ice bucket with a lid will prevent the ice from melting and cater to your guests’ needs, and it will add a refreshing top up to your drink as well. Buy ice bucket from ellementry as these ice buckets with stand and ice bucket with lid are perfect for small parties or home bar.

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Fryst Wooden Ice Bucket with Glass Insert 4450

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