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Sienna Terracotta Bottle Cooler
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Sienna Terracotta Nibble Nut Bowl

Barware from Ellementry 

For nights that fade into mornings and for toasts with the bubbly, our barware set takes the night up a few notches. Our barware tools bring out the cocktail chef in you and stay handy if you choose to be the bartender for the night. Our metal barware collection gives you everything to host a night on the town, from stirrers to blenders to wine coolers and ice buckets. Most of our pieces from the barware collection come mostly with a gold matte finish, which makes it a statement at your party. Wine coolers and ice buckets come with a shiny finish and do the task of keeping the cold ones cold yet are easy to pass around. So host your party and serve your guests right. After all, a cocktail shaker is the real star of any party. Set the tone for your party with our barware collection. Who's the next round on?

Bar tools from ellementry

If you are a drinking enthusiast, then you would know that making a perfect cocktail requires more than just the right liquor, mixes, and other ingredients that go into making drinks. It would be best if you had the proper tools to mix and serve drinks quickly and efficiently. So, to create fantastic cocktails at home or to entertain your friends at home, bar tool set like measuring cup, cocktail shakers, the bottle opener are just a few of the bar tools you can buy online to make the job easier. These are the essential bar tools available online that you need to prepare everything from long island ice tea to a scotch drink. Buy bar tools online from ellementry to host a perfect drink party at home. A well-equipped bar should have a cocktail shaker to provide your guests with the ideal shaken beverage. Bar strainer filters unwanted debris (herb leaves, ice, fruit bits, pulp) from a finished cocktail. Precision is vital and to deliver a perfect balance of flavours, accurate measurements are essential. When using a measuring cup, be sure you know what your drink size is, be it small or large peg. Always fill it to the brim when you pour to get the perfect drink. Shop bar tool online at ellementry.com, to make your home bar classy.

Ice Bucket from ellementry

We all like a bottle of wine or cold champagne and our drinks filled with ice cubes. It makes wine ice bucket an essential part for a bar. It may seem a bit odd, but it is a fact that most of the bar drinks require bar ice in one form or another. So, keeping ice handy is crucial for a home bar. As ice not only chills beverages but as it melts, it becomes a part of the mix. Therefore a big ice bucket makes things easy by storing a lot of ice in it. Having ice close by is a matter of comfort and convenience, so ice bucket with a scoop makes scooping out ice very convenient for you and your guests.  At ellementry, you will find beautifully designed metal ice buckets that can sit at any table, and they are made with sturdy stainless steel to prevent rusting. Large ice bucket with a lid will prevent the ice from melting and cater to your guests' needs, and it will add a refreshing top up to your drink as well. Buy ice bucket from ellementry as these ice buckets with stand and ice bucket with lid are perfect for small parties or home bar.

Benefits of Sienna terracotta ice bucket from ellementry

  • Eco-friendly- Made from terracotta that has spectacular earthen properties, it will keep the ice and cooling intact for hours. You can cover the opening with a wooden lid that eliminates the chances of any spills. Just soak it overnight before you use it.
  • Easy to carry - If you are out on a picnic and don't water to run out of ice, then do carry this beautiful and useful sienna terracotta ice bucket.
  • Elegant design- Entertaining your guests this summer will get more exciting when you will be well-equipped with the listed products. No one would be able to miss out on the sheer beauty of your serveware items.

Bottle cooler

A chilled bottle of wine or cold champagne is always welcoming. If you are planning a party at home, then a fryst wooden bottle cooler with a glass insert is a must. You can keep everyone hydrated, and bottles chilled even in the sweltering heat by placing the drink bottles in this cooler.

Fill it half with ice cubes, and the wooden skin will keep the ice from melting fast. This way, you will be able to keep the drinks cold for a longer duration. Its stunning yet sophisticated look will surely impress people around you. Having a bottle cooler close by is a matter of comfort and convenience, so serving cold wine becomes super comfortable for your guests. At Ellementry, you will find beautifully designed wine coolers in metal, terracotta and wood that can sit at any table.

Buy wine coolers from Ellementry as these wine buckets are perfect for small parties or home bar.

In our terracotta barware collection Sienna, handcrafted by masterful artisans, you will find a beautiful wine cooler glazed on the inside. This chiller will keep your beverages frosty, 

Another range of barware collection is in wood which is called fryst barware collection. It includes wine cooler bucket, which is the best for special occasions or to make any day special! Chill your wines or drinks in this Fryst wooden wine chiller. The outer covering of this wine bucket is crafted in wood, and a glass insert is there for holding the ice. Our Fryst wooden ice bucket has a little secret up its sleeve – a thin gap between the wood and glass layers that keeps the air surrounding the ice cool and keep the ice cubes frozen for a longer time.

Carafe from ellementry

When you want to stay connected to your traditional roots without compromising on style, then  sienna terracotta carafe with a lid is for you. It is a great way of showing the young generation how you can keep water cool for extended hours. Be it setting up a little brunch in the garden or your terrace, take the Sienna carafe along.

Nut bowl from ellementry

Loving your home is gifting it sienna nut bowls that are rooted in the Indian terracotta craft. Use them to keep your lemon wedges at the bar, fruit to go with your drinks or nuts, because who knows when the munchies will appear!

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