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Country Home Mango Wood Bowl
Mango Wood Hearty Bowl (Rectangle)
Mango Wood Hearty Bowl (Small)
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Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl
stitch sense mango wood bowl small
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black tribal mango wood bowl
liyah brown wooden nut bowl -medium
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liyah brown wooden fruit bowl
fleur d'or wooden salad bowl
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liyah brown wooden nut bowl-large
liyah brown wooden nut bowl
liyah brown wooden fruit bowl - medium


Handcrafted dessert bowls and appetiser bowls give the preparations you serve a more friendly touch. At Ellementry you will find a variety of handcrafted bowls made of mango wood, Sheesham wood, terracotta, marble, brass and ceramic. These dessert bowls are beautiful and useful to serve desserts or a little something to munch on at parties or every day. So when you want to give your helping an ancient touch then use the wooden bowl that serves salads, nachos or popcorn with sheer poise on the table. When you want to give your dessert serving a royal touch then embrace Masai brass bowl and say goodbye to worrying about delicate serving ware. Give your serving a natural feel by using a hand-painted terracotta bowl that is environmentally friendly too. When you want to give your serving a contemporary feel than go for the ceramic nut and dry fruit bowl or multicolour dip bowls, you can use the marble bowl with wooden stand in multiple ways. You can use it to gracefully display flowers with water in it on the centre table or use it to display fruits at the dining table.

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