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Cake Server

There’s nothing more satisfying on the menu than a freshly baked cake, served straight from the oven. And if you’re hosting your bunch for an evening, our cake servers are your best companions. Here the wooden cake server from Ellementry comes makes your occasion more special. This gorgeous handcrafted piece of cake server is of mango wood. A beautifully hand-carved bird shape at the centre indeed becomes a talking point at parties, and it will make your cake serving Instagram photos more likes and lovely comments.  This cake server is 100 % food safe as per the international food safety standards. It is a fantastic thing to hold it in your hand, it will not just help you to lift the cake pieces for serving, but it will also raise your hosting standards. This cake serving set is perfect for a housewarming or a wedding gift. Apart from cake serving, it is perfect for serving a variety of desserts like apple pie, berry pies, pastries and more. Also excellent for helping pizza slices too. This cake serving tool is perfect for all your happy occasions.

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