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Sweet Course Brass Cutlery Set Of 2


For the people who take their cheese seriously, the cheese server cutlery is a must-have. Cutlery from Ellementry will help you serve them perfectly and help you create a good impression on your guests. The cheese knives at Ellementry are handcrafted crafted exclusively for hard cheese as well as for soft cheese. These Cheese cutlery set online will help you serve your cheese to your guest at its best. Wine and cheese nights are magical, and with the Shiraz Brass Cheese & Wine Cutlery Set of four, you can make this experience mesmerising. This is food safe as per International Standard. The two cheese knives will help you smoothly cut soft and hard cheese easily. With the regular bottle opener and the corkscrew bottle opener, you can open any wine bottle in style without spilling the content. At Ellementry, we choose the right materials and processes to ensure that what you serve in is not just beautiful but also entirely food-safe. From picking the right cheese to savouries that complement them perfectly, it takes you through all that you need for setting up the perfect festive environment altogether.

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