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Sienna Terracotta Bowl with Lid
Best Seller
Country Home Mango Wood Cake Stand
Ochre Mango Wood Platter (Small)
Goblet Glass Cloche With Wooden Base
Brunet Mango Wood Platter (Small)
Brunet Mango Wood Platter (Long)
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Brunet Mango Wood Platter (Large)
Mango Wood Hearty Bowl (Small)
Midnight Mango Wood Cheeseboard (Round)
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Rustic Sage Ceramic Soup Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Nut Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Large)
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Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Small)
Lapis Blue Wooden Tray
Frangipani Rectangle Wooden Tray
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Best Seller
Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl
Best Seller
Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray
Best Seller
Frangipani Wooden Roti Box

Desserts & Appetisers

Our desserts deserve our best, and the seasoned host pays as much attention to them as they do to other courses at a party. The fresh whiff of baking from the oven is one of the fragrances that speak directly to the soul and rightfully so. For indulgences that go beyond our primal satisfaction of hunger, one that satisfies our sweet tooth cravings, we have all that you'll need to prepare. We have dessert dishes handcrafted with ceramic from different collections. From a peachy look to a walk in the cosmos to a whiff of the azulejos, they serve you desserts in different hand-painted designs. Our cake stands come in different sizes. Our wood and marble cake stand is both timeless and sturdy. It's the perfect stage for cup-cakes and other small sweet bites. There are plenty of appetizer servers too. Our cheeseboards and platters are handcrafted from wood and give out a timeless appeal. Our cloches marry glass with wood or marble and give the perfect display for your desserts too. They're the standard-bearers of food-safety and they maintain it elegantly.

Desserts & Appetisers with Price

Desserts & Appetisers Products Name Price
teal metal-enamel fusion platter 4240
teal metal-enamel fusion platter- small 840
sap green metal-enamel fusion platter 4240
pink metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- large 3390
Pink Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter 4240

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