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liyah brown wooden nut bowl -medium

Nut Bowl from ellementry

'Atithi Devo Bhava', which means 'the guest is God' has been a core belief in Indian tradition and households across the country have prided themselves in the fare they throw up for a while hosting guests. With such an extensive track record, how do you make sure you catch up with this tradition? Though there are many things that we need to keep in mind, worry not; our serveware collection covered with everything you'll need to host your guests right. You can pick from a range of handcrafted serving bowls made of a variety of materials. You'll find ceramic pots of different sizes: from dessert serving bowls to nut bowls. We also have wooden nut bowls. A little something to munch on deserves your attention too, after all. Gone are the days of passing chip packets around, the way we used to in college. Growing up involves becoming a more mature host too!

Made from Sheesham wood, one of the most durable materials we get to work with, this elegant bowl is one more step in our efforts to create future-friendly pieces for your home.

Black Masala Wooden Nut Bowl from Ellementry

It is a native of God's Own Country, one of the most celebrated spices (it's got its own stock exchange!), the darling of every major cuisine and has been used in India since 2000 BCE! Yes, we are talking about 'pepper', the spice that was so coveted that at one time, wealthy Romans used it to show off their status.

Recommended by Ayurveda as good for stimulating digestion, pepper is also known for helping relieve symptoms of the common cold. What we love the most about it is the spark it adds to our dishes! And the design of our Black Masala Wooden Nut Bowl is inspired by black pepper. You may gift this Black Masala Wooden Nut Bowl to someone who loves munching.

Are you discovering how every corner of your home has been the same old, same old for a while? Time for a home refresh! Try a charming nut bowl on the table to take care of munchies in a healthy way and add a fresh note to the room's decor scheme.

Features of Nut bowls from ellementry

  • Sustainable - If nature spells out something quite obviously, it's sharing. Inspired by this trait of nature and shaped with real coconuts, our nut bowls let you pass around love at your parties. The enamel on the inside not only makes them easy to clean, but adds a pop of colour to their natural design, creating a festive mood. Check out our 'Coconut Bowls'.
  • Food Safe- At Ellementry, we believe that food-safety is not just the right serving and cooking processes, but it finds a place in how we store our food too. Here are the food-safe practices we follow for our products: We fuse materials to enhance beauty and utility. Think woodenware and most people say it's not for everyday use. Enamel begs to differ. Not only does a coat of enamel add a pop of colour to the classic charm of wood, it makes it completely food-safe and easier to serve in and eat from. It also makes woodenware easier to clean and maintain, so any questions about its everyday use are put to rest. They're perfect for dry nibbles, snacks, fruits. Check out the 'Liyah Wooden nut Bowl range'. Wood is always lacquered, but sometimes it could contain harmful substances or lead. But you can always count on us for wood, as we provide you with ware that's not just pretty but also food safe, is FDA approved. Glazing means coating your ware and adding a layer of any colour or shine on it. The unsafe coating can enter your food, making it toxic. At Ellementry, our serveware never enters the food, just hearts. Instead, we coat our products with food-safe glazing that conforms with international food safety standards. Our handpainted ceramic nut bowls take a coat of food-safe glazing. From the materials we use to the processes we choose, our artists handcraft each piece, ensuring the safety of those creations.
  • Cultural revival- Remember watching a cricket match on TV with the entire family? A great sharing bowl for those favourite family samosas, our Black Tribal Mango Wood Bowl with Stand will bring back those memories. Going back to the roots is just like sifting through an old photo album. You sit back and a journey begins. It's a reminiscence that fills you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your gut. It is like a walk down the memory lane of what mattered then, what you've carried with you and gems you left behind along the way.
  • Handmade- In an increasingly industrialized world, hands stand a very little chance. Handmade; the one place where a product can be unique, mindful, sustainable and accurate preservation of cultural heritage. Nut bowls at ellementry are handmade and handpainted by artisans. Handmade arts and crafts live on through generations. With passing time, the responsibility to sustain them for the next decade or century falls into the artist's hands. Carving pieces of wood into a myriad of nut bowl shapes, buffing their surface with sandpaper for a silk like feel and finally coating them with lacquer to make them 100% food-safe. At Ellementry, we reimagine traditional wisdom and craft it to fit modern sensibilities.
  • Playing many roles- A nut bowl, a katori or a ramekin for some 'single serve goodness' – nut bowl can play many roles in your house.
  • Eco-friendly bowl- Loving your home is gifting it these bowls rooted in the Indian terracotta craft. Use them to keep your lemon wedges at the bar, fruit to go with your drinks or nuts, because who knows when the munchies will appear!

Flowers surround us at work and often creep into the motifs we create for you, like nut bowl from our Fiore collection that hopes to bring a whiff of the outdoors into your home. 

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