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If nature spells out something quite obviously, it's sharing. Ellementry believes in a world that sustains itself and inspired by this trait of nature and shaped with real coconuts, and our nut bowls let you pass around love at your parties. The enamel on the inside not only makes them easy to clean but adds a pop of colour to their original design, creating a rustic mood. It is a healthier choice due to its sustainability. These nut bowls online are 100 per cent food safe as per the international food safety standards. A cool way to enjoy salads, snacks, nuts and much more. A natural way to bring a touch of nature to your centre table or dining table and a small step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. It is 100% coconut shells that make them 100% natural, bio-degradable, compostable. These bowls will help you to practise mindfulness. Of course, you can eat whatever you want in this bowl, but putting greasy food will not cross your mind. The natural look makes it an excellent option to have salads and smoothies in these coconut bowls.

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