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People of style have always known what a potent tool an accessory can be. The right handbag, a glaring combination of jewellery, or simply a hat makes all the difference. Beauty is in the simplest of details. It’s in the perfect balance of form and function. Everything around us is a piece of beauty. The sun rays falling on the windowpane that keeps you warm too, the steam blowing through a hot cup of tea. When you surround yourself with such details, your every day becomes a beautiful place to live in. Setting up a table follows the same code. It’s the little things that matter. Meet our napkin holder rings. It is entirely crafted by hand and keeps your napkins perfectly set. The metal napkin ring comes with plenty of designs and colours, just like a ring for your finger. The mango wood napkin rings come in interesting shapes for those who like to keep things understated yet beautiful. The rings also let you get a little creative with interesting napkin folds and shapes. So you can give your guests a fine dining experience at home. Buy napkin ring online at www.ellementry.com

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