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Celestial Brass Fruit Fork Set of 4
Sophiya Fruit Fork Set of 4
Masai Gold Dessert Fork (Set of 4)

Fruit Fork

Your daily fruit bowl gets a classy upgrade with our bespoke brass forks. These forks have two tines, which are the elongated prongs used to pierce pieces of fruit or food to pick up and eat. With a golden finish, they're quite the looker when you serve up a fare. These fruit fork set are perfect to have diced fresh fruits, mini cakes, appetisers, olives, pastry, salad and more. These elegant and versatile big fruit fork and spoon can elevate everyday meals into a beautiful dining experience. Even when it comes to maintenance and care, it is very easy. Clean these metal kitchen fruit fork set with a mild detergent and restrain using abrasive material like steel and wool on them. Just dry them after washing. So to poke with style your favourite fruit or dessert do fruit fork set shopping online. These fruit forks online are handcrafted and 100 per cent food safe as per the International standards. While you are searching to buy kitchen fruit forks online, you might consider purchasing other products of our cutlery collection like knives, spoons and even the cutlery stand to keep them beautifully in place on the dining table.

FAQ On Fruit Fork Products

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