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Table Spoons Above ₹2,500

Table spoon is a vital culinary utensil, a spoon can be used to cook food as well as serve and eat it.

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Celestial Brass Table Spoon Set of 4

How tablespoons simplify serving

Ellementry carries a wide variety of spoons for serving food, salads, and desserts, all of which can be customised to fit your needs. The average home may not be able to tell the difference between them, yet in restaurants all across the world, they all serve different purposes. You can avoid humiliation by knowing the differences between different cutlery and their functions. There are many diverse uses for tablespoons or serving spoons at the dining table. So much, so that salt and sugar spoons come in varied shapes and sizes.

Spoons of many types


In cooking, serving meals, and ingesting medicinal preparations, a tablespoon is a widely used type of spoon. Cups that are oval or rounder have larger scoops and scope. An conventional serving spoon with a long handle and comfortable grip, made specifically for serving meals over a distance, is what it is. It's possible that tablespoons have a decorative or temperature resistant handle. Due to the fact that they are mostly used for serving, a full set of flatware only contains a handful of tablespoons. They also have a fascinating past. Europe used to buy and bring their cutlery to the dining table. As we do today, they used to carry them around in their pockets, much like we do now. As a result, the quality of the spoon was a good indicator of a person's wealth and social standing. The expression "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" was coined from this point on.

Salad Spoon

Fruits, salads, and other items found at the dinner table can be served with a conventional salad serving spoon. In addition, it has a long handle that makes it easier to serve little amounts of food. Metal or silver serving sets are available at Ellementry and make it easy to serve meals across the table.

Salt Spoon

In small form, it has an oval bowl with a short handle. In most cases, it is served with a salt cellar. With the salt spoon, you may sprinkle a small bit of salt over your food without touching it.

Dessert Spoon

It is somewhat larger than the salt spoon, has a smaller handle, and resembles a seashell in shape. When using a sugar spoon, a sugar bowl is typically used in conjunction with it. Sugar can be added to drinks and desserts with this tool without coming into touch with the meal.

Snack spoons

For when you want to save the best for last, Ellementry is your best bet for a delicious dessert. Dessert spoons with a bright and smooth finish are available. This makes eating dessert a pleasurable experience.

Spoons for ice cream

In Ellementry, the best ice cream spoons are available for serving all kinds of sweets. Assortment of 4 Masai Brass Ice Cream Spoons will brighten your dining table.

In teak salad spoons from Ellementry, the In teak salad spoon is a hit due to its convenient shape and size.

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