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Sophiya Tea Spoon Set of 6
Sophiya Ice Cream Spoon Set of 4
Masai Gold Ice Cream Spoon (Set of 4)


Much like people, even tea has its right type. Our handcrafted metal teaspoon set has the perfect match for all of your tea servings — ideal for scooping sugar and stirring that into your tea or coffee. Our two cutlery collections, Masai Collection and Sophiya collection have teaspoons in brass metal. Brass makes these teaspoons hard to bend and finished with gold plating not only make them resistance to scratches but also make them stand out by giving a festive gleam to your tea party. The lustrous appearance will decorate your tea party and give you and your guests a pleasant feel and are certain conversational pieces. Buy teaspoon from here to them to stir sugar in tea or coffee during high tea or even in your tea or coffee every day. These set of teaspoon online are an essential addition to your high tea. Break everyday patterns with our contemporary designs which pay homage to our culture, find more at ellementry.com

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