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Midnight Mango Wood Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Pasta Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Nut Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Large)
Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Small)
Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl
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Olio Glass Bowl (Small)
Olio Glass Bowl (Large)
Amber Love Ceramic Salad Bowl
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Amber Love Ceramic Pasta Bowl
Amber Love Ceramic Serving Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Nut Bowl
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Fiore Ceramic Salad Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Pasta Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Serving Bowl
ceramic cereal bowl polka dots lemon
stitch sense mango wood bowl small
carbon ceramic serving bowl -large


"Small bowls are always an excellent and useful addition to any kitchen and table. You can use them in the kitchen for everything like to serve snacks with a cup of tea, use it to place honey, cheese or salsa dip with your chips. These are perfect for helping breakfast jams, serves nibbles or sauces to go with your main course. These bowls can be stacked and are very practical in terms of storage in the fridge. These handcrafted food-safe small bowls are great for creamy ice cream, hot gulab jamun, delicious chocolate mousse, a mouth-watering caramel custard, or a cooling serving of fruit sorbet and so much more. Use them for food preparation, tableware or partying.These bowls will come handy while cooking or baking, for chip and dip, sauces, to keep herbs and spices, or loaded with delicious accompaniments to the main dish.These bowls are great for everyday use and special occasions as well. Use these small serving bowls online for meals, snacks, ice cream and serving sauces. "

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