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silver metal platter- square
1180 1390   Save 210
silver metal platter
1860 2190   Save 330
Pink Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter
4240 4990   Save 750
Bluish Grey Dolphin Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter
1860 2190   Save 330
Pink Metal Platter with Enamel
2510 2950   Save 440
pink metal-enamel fusion platter- medium
1520 1790   Save 270
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pink metal bowl with enamel
1350 1590   Save 240
sap green fish metal- enamel fusion platter
2540 2990   Save 450
pink waves metal-enamel fusion platter
1950 2290   Save 340
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teal metal-enamel fusion platter- small
840 990   Save 150
pink metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- small
1350 1590   Save 240
teal metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- large
3390 3990   Save 600
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silver hammered metal platter
3050 3590   Save 540
silver hammered bowl- large
2190 2590   Save 400
black hammered metal platter
3050 3590   Save 540
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copper triple metal platter
3140 3690   Save 550
silver triple metal platter
3140 3690   Save 550
black triple metal platter
3140 3690   Save 550


Why can't Monday night dinners look like a Sunday night feast? Our dinnerware is completely handcrafted. From different sized plates to bowls to oil and vinegar bottle and a butter dish: our dinnerware collection helps you layout a table both beautifully and functionally. There are only a few things quite like hand-painted ceramic and none of them can serve food as safely. Our dinnerware collections take design inspiration from ethnicities, culture and nature itself. Wooden dinnerware gives your dinners a timeless people. With hand-painted flowers, the Fleur d'Or collection presents wood as a canvas for art and as a stage for your food. Even smaller things like salt and pepper sets, how the condiments are served matters: after all, laying out a table is all about the details. As beautiful as our dinnerware collections are, they don't get in the way of your food. Our ceramic dinnerware is glazed, wood lacquered and metal gets a powdered matte finish. We maintain international food-safety standards, and our collections fulfil their core purpose well.

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