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Drinking water is a part of our routine that takes a backseat when it comes to us being mindful about it. Be it how we store it or consume it, we don't give it a second thought or look. Glass water bottles and terracotta water bottles are environmentally friendly water bottles. While our glass water bottles are designed ergonomically to snugly fir into your hand, and the ceramic stopper adorns it to on top with the hand-painted patterns, giving you a bottle that looks good on your work desk as well as on your dining table. Our terracotta water bottles will remind you of your granny's house as these bootles are an ode to the traditional earthen pot. Being porous it lets off any excess heat that water ends up catching during the day. And it alkalises the water, so when you drink from terracotta-ware, your body's alkaline balance gets even, giving your better bone strength, even blood levels among other benefits. At Ellementry, we blend this traditional favourite with starch to give it contemporary shapes that fit it into our every day, making it both beautiful and useful.

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