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mango wood indigo coaster with stand (set of 4)
Silver Brass Square Trivet

Be it a cocktail party, a simple dinner, morning and evening tea ritual, and drink coasters have a legitimate purpose. They can add a subtle yet essential function for the table. They protect sensitive furniture finishings from unsightly marks and stains caused by an accumulation of water droplets on the surface of cups, glasses and bottles containing cold drinks, or from contact with cups containing hot beverages. Bring these out during a party or let them sit on your table every day. It takes just a few seconds to place your teacup on the tea coaster; it looks elegant and saves your wooden table from any strain on it. Wooden coasters can withstand a range of temperatures makes these ideals for hot cups of coffee or ice-cold beer. At ellementry, we have handmade coasters that are beautiful and useful. Buy coasters online from here as drinking from a cup placed on a wooden tea coaster tastes better. Check out our ceramic coaster collection too. Ceramic being friendly with both hot or cold temperatures, making it perfect coaster material. We also have cups with wooden lids that double up as wooden coasters too. Coasters for a dining table are as essential as coasters for a teacup.  

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