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matt silver milk jug
matt silver water jug


If water is life, why can't it have a better form? Our drinkware range is beautiful and useful, both. It's mindful of its function and the environment. Take our terracotta drinkware for examples. It's a traditional material that we've reimagined to fit into your everyday. Not only do our bottles and jugs look contemporary, but they also carry the alkaline goodness of the matka. Alkalized water reduces body pains, improves blood circulation and gives you stronger bones. Our glass drinkware is handcrafted with the traditional mouth-blown glass technique. And that's not the only thing traditional about it. Back in the day glass was used for storage because it never enters or interacts with anything that it stores. Our glass bottles are ergonomically shaped to snugly fit into your hands. They come with hand-painted ceramic stoppers that make them quite the looker at your work desk and nightstand. Our ceramic drinkware adorns your nightstand in elegant patterns too.

Drinkware with Price

Drinkware Products Name Price
matt silver milk jug 3490
matt silver water jug 7290
ceramic jug small polka dots lemon 750
Fiore Ceramic Jug 1190
terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper 790

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