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Glass Water Dispenser

At Ellementry, we believe that fusing elements enhance beauty and utility, both. And our glass water dispenser is an example of that. While the lead-free, sustainable glass is the best to store water over long periods, the brass tap teams up with it and adds to the beauty of the ensemble. The wooden lid sits on top, sealing the water safely. Together they make a strong team that looks good and does good. Adding a slice of lime and neem leaves makes the water refreshing. And if the water looks this good, who needs a reminder to hydrate. The culture of adding sea salt or slices of lemon mint in water is ingrained in our culture for generations. Due to the rising popularity of healthy habits, infused water has become a must-serve at diners. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy staying hydrated when the water looks so tempting? This textured glass water dispenser, stores minerals and vitamins in the infused water perfectly and hydrates you. This way, you are not only going back to your roots but also stylishly quenching your thirst.

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Glass Water Dispenser 3190

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