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Pearl Grey Cotton Placemat Set of Six
Pearl Grey Cotton Table Runner
Best Seller
Elevating Blue Table Runner
Highland Flex Cotton Table Runner
Highland Flex Cotton Placemat Set of 2
Highland Flex Cotton Napkin Set of four
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Happy Fall Linen Table Runner
Tropical Paradise Linen Table Runner
Best Seller
Pinstriped 100% Cotton Table Runner (Charcoal Grey)
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Aksa 100% Cotton Table Runner
Aksa Blue 100% Cotton Napkin Set of 6
Best Seller
Aksa 100% Cotton Placemat Set of 6
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Mustard 100% Cotton Placemat Set of 6
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Best Seller
Teal Blue Border 100% Cotton Table Runner

Table Linen

Dressing up your table for dinner is as important as picking the right attire for yourself. It helps set the tone for the evening. Together with the dinnerware collection and the lighting you choose, it creates the vibe. Our dinnerware linen adorns your table and each aspect of it serves a function. Our table runners form the base of the whole get up. Cotton runners feel good and look beautiful too. Table covers not only add to the get-up but are actually around to protect your table from spoonfuls of everything you've cooked. Our cotton placemats are quite the lookers too. Sitting right below everything you serve and individual plates, they help protect your table too. And we have different colours and patterns for different moods: from cosy to bright to formal, you'll find shades and designs for all the occasions. And not just occasions, all of our designs break an everyday pattern.

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