Festival brings a lot of excitement and surprises. Of course, memories have to be the inevitable consequences of any festival. But what all makes a festival memorable? Is it just the gathering? Or is it just the pomp of the night? Well, of course, no. Undoubtedly, all these things matter the most on any occasion but the one central position of all the festivals and occasions are the gifts. Yes, these gifts do not just surprise you when you receive it, they are rather meant to make you smile whenever you see it. After months and years when you see that wall hanging that your friend gifted, it still does not fail to make you smile. The saree your brother gifted you in your wedding still holds that special place in the cupboard and in your life as well. Next to memories, it’s the gifts and surprises that take the maximum part of happiness. Hence, not all materialistic things are show-off! Some bring in the most positive vibes to hold on for life long. And when Ellementry is here for its wonderful customers, why to worry and go here and there to search for gifts?

There comes a lot of occasions and festivals in just a few months. So, why not be prepared beforehand? Here we have a list of gifts to consider for any festival. Be it a grandeur celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, housewarming party, pooja, Eid, Christmas, etc. you can consider these gifts anytime. So, if you are wondering what festive gifts to buy, give a look to the pointers below!

  • Pooja festival: One of the most celebrated occasions in India is the pooja festivals. Amidst huge diversity of India, Indians celebrate an uncountable number of such occasions that hold spiritual importance. Though worshipping is all about thinking of the Lord but presenting a token of love to your family or friend is never a dull idea. And who does not like to receive presents? So, grab all the opportunities to make your loved ones feel special. Here are a few festive gifts to buy from Ellementry- What can be a better gift than lights for Pooja festivals? The hibiscus glow assorted wax candles set of five looks breathtaking. It will lighten and brighten the surrounding of the one whom gifted. Pooja means gatherings as well. so, let your friend/family organize their dining table better with indigo condiment set. There are jars for oil, vinegar, salt, pepper as well as napkins. The user won’t have to run to the kitchen for these basic items as it will be neatly placed on the table. Let your friend serve starters next time in this elegant fiore ceramic platters set of 4. From fruits to kebab, anything can be served in these platters.

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  • Joyful festivals: Festival does not just include those concerned with one’s beliefs. Festival also brings joy and lots of entertainment. And India is a hub of such festivals. From Easter to Diwali and everything in between spreads enormous zeal and happiness. So, why not add extra smiles on such occasions by gifting something precious to your people? Here is Ellementry with some gifts to consider for any festival and especially for such occasions- The tidbid nut bowl set of 2 (yellow) looks very cute. Let your friend serve the nuts and dry fruits this festive season in these cute bowls. These are made of coconut shell so they are hard and strong enough. The product’s white colour is also available on the website. The bougie green mustard wax bowl set of 2 makes a great gifting item. Subtly glowing up one’s evening is always an amazing idea. Sitting beside the soothing light lets you spend quality time alone as well as with your loved ones. The green and orange colour makes it look even more beautiful.
  • Colourful festivals: Which is your favourite festival of colours? Most of you may answer, Holi while some can say La Tomatina! All those festival that emanates colours in the lives of others needs special mention. We all eagerly wait throughout the year for these days to come. So, why not make it more memorable and authentic by adding the colour of presents. For buying such gift items, do not run here and there. With the comfort of home, you can buy your preferences on Ellementry. The tea light holders set of five makes a great gift item for such festivals. It is a set of 5 lights holders in which you can place your favourite colours of lights. It is very sober and looks amazing as well. It goes perfectly with the colourful festival. The ludo dip bowl set of 4 is just as colourful as colourful festivals. One can place snacks, dry fruits or any such items in these bowls and serve instantly.
  • Gift mandatory festivals: As Indians, we are all aware of gift mandatory festivals. Did you get it? Well, we are talking about the festivals were receiving gifts is just mandatory. Can you guess these? Well, a few of you might say Christmas or Eid? No matter what it is, in our diverse society, we meet a variety of people celebrating dozens of festivals. So according to the festival, just gift them a packet of blessings with Ellementry- The converse tea set of 2 cups, 1 bowl and 1 platter is a wonderful combo gift pack. The cups look very pretty. One can use the platter to serve other stuff as well.  When next time you little or loved ones come to you on such occasions asking for their share of blessings, present them these candles. The moonlit votive set of 2 will not just lighten surrounding but also the mood of the one receiving it.
  • Special occasions: Apart from the aforementioned pointers, one also celebrate some special occasions. Your overseas friend or the one with a different lifestyle brings such opportunities in your life. If you are going to join the happiness of such friends, you must consider buying something peculiar. And such items are easily available on Ellementry. As per your kin’s mood, gift them something very auspicious. Look at these awesome gifts to consider for any festival- The skyscraper bottle glass set is a very useful gift that you can present to your loved ones. The bottle looks very cool when placed on the table. If you are going to celebrate special moments with a house maker, make sure this one falls on your list. The tiffany glass jars with wooden scoopers set of 2 are one aesthetic kitchen gift item. One can keep any raw spices in these jars and easily scoop out using the wooden scoopers. It will definitely make a housemaker happy.

Is it always possible to count festivals under a category? If you are still confused with your needs of gifts, try considering some evergreen gift items. The below-mentioned gifts are authentic for any sort of festival or occasion. It is not just easy to count on, the guests/family likes it as well. These are-

  • Clothes- One amazing gift idea of all the times are clothes. No matter what festival it is, you can always buy a good piece of fabric that your loved ones can adore themselves. Note their taste and size and go out to buy something beautiful.
  • Jewellery- Jewellery is a go-go option ever since. There is jewelry made for every sort of occasion and for all sorts of people. You just need to pick the right one and gift it to your people.
  • Home decorative items- Items like, bedsheets, guest room cover sets, wall hangings, posters, showpiece, flowers are a few decorative items that you can gift anytime and to anyone.

We hope this helps you find your solution gift and make your task easy! Don’t forget to check out Ellementry.

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