FAQ on Collection by Style

The Collection by Style is available in Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Collection by Style products range from the lowest price being INR 450 to the highest price being INR 4450.

There are total 43 products in Collection by Style Category.

Frangipani Wooden Cutlery Stand, Frangipani Wooden Roti Box, Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray, Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl, Frangipani Rectangle Wooden Tray, etc are the best selling products in Collection by Style Category.

A dazzling ellementry ensemble blends elements of the natural world to fill your homes with absolute splendour.

In soothing blue hues comes this wood and enamel serveware with impressions of
the iris flower. Beautify your tablescape with hopeful blossoms of a lineup that is calming and welcoming even just at the first sight.

The iris collection includes an iris wooden 2 tier roti box with stand, iris rectangle tray, iris large serving platter, iris small serving platter, iris cutlery holder, iris round tray, iris salad serving bowl, and iris snack bowl.

Midnight & Eclipse

Get ready to be enchanted by the lineup of serveware and decor that embodies the late dark hours. This collection radiates a unique charisma with its unorthodox choice of colour for tablescapes.

Ornate your spaces with this black beauty as a midnight mango wood cheeseboard,
midnight mango wood platter, midnight terracotta vase (tall), midnight wood salad server set of 2, midnight mango wood cheeseboard (round), midnight mango wood bowl, and midnight terracotta vase (short).

In Teak
Welcome a delightful range of teak wood serveware and kitchenware. Its textured hues of natural wood and neat design give out a rustic charm. 

Don’t miss out on the graceful collection that comes as in teak wooden chakla belan with stand- small, in teak wooden tray- large, in teak wooden tray- small, in teak wooden chakla belan with stand- large, in teak wooden belan with stand, and in teak wooden bowl- small.

Amber Love

A collection inspired from amber fossils decorates your kitchen and dining spaces with an earthy as well as a modern look. Grace your interiors with the likes of that which reside in the depths of the earth.

Show your fondness for the fantastic fossil by getting the collection that comprises amber love ceramic mug, amber love ceramic salad bowl, amber love ceramic utensil holder, amber love ceramic jar with wooden lid- small, amber love ceramic serving bowl, amber love ceramic pasta bowl, amber love ceramic dinner plate, amber love ceramic side plate, amber love ceramic chip-n-dip, amber love ceramic.

jar with wooden lid- large, and amber love ceramic condiment set with wooden


A must-have for all occasions is the linea lineup. In minimal tone and simple design, these pieces embody absolute elegance. Furnish your personal collection with the linea look and add an extra dash of style.

Bring home this refreshing range as a linea ceramic serving bowl- large, linea ceramic pasta bowl, and linea ceramic breakfast jug.


When recycled materials find a way into homes as aesthetic and thoughtful pieces, it’s a reflection of a world that is truly sustainable. Ecomix is a material that embodies sustainability. Browse through the eco-friendly collection that includes akoda candle stand small- ecomix, akoda grey ecomix cutlery stand, akoda candle stand large- ecomic, akoda storage box with wooden lid- ecomix, and akoda grey ecomix rectangle cutlery stand.


Give yourself a royal treatment by bringing the masai collection into your dining lives. These metallic wares are a touch of royalty. Prepare the table with colours clad in the elegance and grace of yesteryears.

Add the timeless look in masai gold serving set, masai gold ice cream spoon (set of 4), masai brass mug gold, masai coffee set gold, masai gold cake server set, masai ladle set of 2 (large & small), masai table fork set of 6, masai brass milk & sugar pot set gold, masai brass coffee filter gold, masai table spoon set of 6, masai tea spoon set of 6, masai gold fruit fork (set of 4), masai gold dessert fork (set of 4), masai brass dessert bowl gold, and masai gold salad set.

Rustic Sage

Embrace the earthy-toned collection with its flush of forest freshness into your daily dining habits. These beauties clad in green are sure to enthral you with the shades that reflect the splendid greens.

Get these serene greens as rustic sage ceramic jug, rustic sage ceramic soup bowl, rustic sage ceramic serving bowl (small), rustic sage breakfast gift set, rustic sage ceramic nut bowl, rustic sage ceramic mug with wooden lid, rustic sage ceramic serving bowl (large), rustic sage ceramic soup bowl with wooden lid, rustic sage

ceramic pasta bowl, rustic sage ceramic dinner plate, rustic sage ceramic side plate, rustic sage ceramic mug with ceramic lid, rustic sage ceramic jar with wooden lid (small), and rustic sage ceramic jar with wooden lid (large).

Introduce your everyday routine with this hand-marbled texture look. With its ethereal grace, these pieces can charm any tabletop.

Make way for this creamy delight in black and white as a carbon ceramic serving bowl- large, carbon ceramic pasta bowl, carbon ceramic and wooden cake stand, carbon ceramic mug, carbon ceramic jar, carbon ceramic mug set of two, carbon ceramic chip and dip, and carbon ceramic cutlery holder with spoon rest.


With hand-painted sky blue flora on a graceful white backdrop comes this range of ceramic serveware. It emanates a celestial charm which you can use on special days or use it to make everyday special.

Blend this heavenly beauty into your dining spaces in the form of fiore ceramic pasta bowl, fiore ceramic condiments set, fiore ceramic dinner plate, fiore ceramic mug, fiore ceramic chip-n-dip, fiore ceramic salad bowl, fiore ceramic jar small, fiore ceramic side plate, fiore ceramic serving bowl, fiore ceramic utensil holder, fiore ceramic nut bowl, fiore ceramic jar large, and fiore ceramic cake stand with wooden base.


Witness a wonderful range of hand-painted frangipanis on a dark wooden expanse. Enrich your dining space with serveware whose flowers blossom the idea of grace, wealth, and perfection. The pleasing sight of sturdy wooden pieces with floral art should remind you that as delicate as nature seems, it is just as strong. 

Invite this union of strength and beauty as frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter, frangipani circular wooden tray, frangipani wooden salad bowl, frangipani oval wooden platter (large), frangipani wooden cutlery stand, frangipani oval wooden platter (small), frangipani wooden roti box, frangipani wooden candle holder (large), frangipani rectangle wooden tray, frangipani wooden candle holder (small), and frangipani lazy susan.


Earthenware clay whose porous properties come with endless benefits. It lets you experience what it is like to eat and drink directly from the soil. Breathe the fragrance of terracotta in and feel the tranquillity of the Earth. The cooling goodness of terracotta is available as sienna and knurl.


The sienna terracotta collection includes sienna terracotta bowl, sienna terracotta baking dish (small), sienna terracotta baking dish (large), sienna terracotta baking dish, sienna terracotta nibble nut bowl, sienna terracotta bottle cooler, and sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid.


The knurl terracotta collection includes knurl terracotta curd setter with wooden lid, knurl terracotta curd setter (small), and knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid.

Upper crust

A hand glazed ceramic and wooden serveware collection is here to upgrade your dining experience. Serve your feast in style in wares with food safe coating which also emanate a sense of luxury.

This magnificent collection is available as an upper crust bowl, upper crust serving bowl, upper crust dinner plate, upper crust wooden cutlery holder, upper crust ceramic loaf pan, upper crust side plate, upper crust glass cloche with wooden base, and upper crust wooden roti bowl.


Aria pulls you into a lovely yellow backdrop adorned with white gingkos. Bless your dining spaces with this happy hue that exudes goodness and joy while its floral elements resonate longevity.

Welcome this mango wood and enamel coated delight as aria wooden roti box, aria wooden cake stand, aria wooden serving tray, aria wooden platter with glass cloche, aria chip and dip set, and aria trinket box set of two (large and small).