FAQ on Dinnerware

The Dinnerware is available in Mango Wood, Glass, Glass, Glass, Glass, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Dinnerware products range from the lowest price being INR 490 to the highest price being INR 4750.

There are total 81 products in Dinnerware Category.

Frangipani Wooden Roti Box, Square glass water bottle with ceramic stopper, Crown Glass Bottle with Tumbler, clear glass butter dish with wooden base, Frosted Chevron Glass Bottle with Brown Wood Stopper, etc are the best selling products in Dinnerware Category.

Dinnerware from ellementry

Why can't Monday night dinners look like a Sunday night feast? Our dinnerware is completely handcrafted. From different sized plates to bowls to oil and vinegar bottle and a butter dish: our dinnerware collection helps you layout a table both beautifully and functionally. Our dinnerware collections take design inspiration from ethnicities, culture and nature itself. Wooden dinnerware gives your dinners a timeless people. With hand-painted flowers, the Fleur d'Or collection and frangipani collection presents wood as a canvas for art and as a stage for your food. Even smaller things like salt and pepper sets, how the condiments are served matters: after all, laying out a table is all about the details. As beautiful as our dinnerware collections are, they don't get in the way of your food. Our ceramic dinnerware is glazed, wood lacquered and metal gets a powdered matte finish. We maintain international food-safety standards, and our collections fulfil their core purpose well.

Bowl from ellementry

Serve your preparations with purity and charm. Having a set of serving bowls makes the food look so elegant on the dining table. Our different type of ceramic bowls online help different purposes and can be used to serve food to your family or guests in a stylish manner — ceramic serving bowl partners well with rice curries and portions of pasta. For example, our soup bowls online are hand-marbled and hand-glazed; it's perfect for serving piping hot soup. Cooking pasta is nothing short of an art and our ceramic pasta bowl gives it the standing it deserves. They come with edges that let you have your fettuccine or spaghetti with ease. Check out our collection of handcrafted bowls online, they are food-safe bowls as per international standards, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe too. Our bowls are multipurpose, and used for lots of different things like to have soup, cereal, pasta and salad. We have big bowls that hold multiple servings and smaller bowls that are the right size for one person.   

Butter dish from ellementry

At Ellementry, mundane is not dull as we make our everyday products beautiful and well as useful. Butter dishes from Ellementry are an excellent example of this. Butter dishes have been in existence since time immemorial, and they are still popular in most households due to their exceptional performance. But why to have them boring when you can have stylish yet functional butter dishes to blend in with your kitchen and your dinnerware decor. Butter dishes from Ellementry are made of brass, wood & ceramic and wood &glass. All these dishes are handcrafted and pass international food safety standards. The silver brass butter dish is a classic butter dish that has a clean and simple design. The transparent glass butter dish with a wooden base is going to add charm to the table, Blush ceramic butter dish with wooden lid will add a beautiful fusion to your breakfast spread. The hand-painted pattern of polka dots doubles the richness and desirability of a ceramic butter dish with polka dots.

Plates from ellementry

Buy dinner plates online from ellementry to set your dinner table in style. Our variety in dinner plate collection matches classic as well as a contemporary form of the dining area. Our dinner plate collection is versatile for any occasion, season or mood. From indoor dinner spreads to al fresco meals they fit into any scenario. We have handcrafted dinner plates that are plain as well as with delicate motives designed on them. We have many of our dinner plates in the collection that you can even buy separately and create your mix and match collection of dinner plates or you can buy entirely from one collection as well. All our dinner plates are food-safe dinner plates as per international standard. Our ceramic dinner plates strike a fine balance- they adorn your every day and even blend into special dinners. So whether you're looking for classic dinner plates, a colourful style with vibrant colours and patterns, we offer a selection of ceramic dinner set for a sleek presentation.  

 Salt & Pepper Shaker from ellementry

It's the little things that matter when it comes to your favourite table setting. Salt and pepper shakers are kitchen and dining table essentials. Salt and pepper shakers online are an easy and convenient way to have the spices readily available for kitchen and table use. Our handcrafted pepper and salt shakers are chic and elegant. Our salt and pepper set sit well at your table. We have food-safe pepper and salt shakers that are perfect for your every day. Our ceramic pepper and salt shakers are simple enough not to overpower your other cutlery, but pretty enough to get noticed by your guests. Our wooden pepper and salt shaker highlights the wood's quality and makes a chic addition to a table setting. They can create moods for food. Buy pepper and salt shaker online from here. Our bespoke salt and pepper shakers are a delight for occasions and even every day. They sit well alone, or you can pair them with other pieces of the collections. Find a range of beautiful shakers for your dining table at ellementry.

Condiment Set from ellementry

Give your herbs a delightful dwelling with our condiment set with lids. We have a variety of cruet set consisting of fusion like brass and marble, marble and wood, ceramic condiment set and more that blends well into your kitchenware. Kitchen condiment set helps us personalise our food, so they deserve the best. You can give them a celestial upgrade with our condiments sets that are handcrafted and food safe as per the international standards. Our marble condiment set is perfect for pickles and preserves as they come with a lid too that seals them in. The fusion of ceramic and wood give them a celestial look. We also have the 'Masala' range, which is an ode to our love for spices. The Masala Condiment Set is crafted from mango wood and inspired by cardamom. So buy the condiment sets from ellementry to give your herbs a delightful dwelling. They will look classy on your dinner table and who knows they may be a conversation starter too. Break everyday patterns with our contemporary designs which pay homage to our culture, find more at ellementry.com

Platter from ellementry

There are useful sides to any element that’s revealed only when it’s fused with the right material. Meet our ‘metal-enamel fusion platter’. Who knew that an enamel inside could not only add a pop of colour to anything it touches, but also make a platter entirely food-safe and easy to clean. The metal outside makes it strong and perfect for everyday consumption too. Your preparations deserve the best. As you bring them out for your guests this season, it’s important that they get a festive stage to stand tall on. Meet our handcrafted tribal wooden platters. Crafted with mango wood they give a sturdy yet beautiful base for your starters and other servings. Wood brings its timeless charm too and the texture compliments the festive mood at your party. 

Roti Box from ellementry

A good host makes sure every detail is in place from curtains to cushions and all dressed up for her party. Meet our 'Wooden Roti Box'. Handcrafted by our artists, they help you serve your guests in style. Its hand-painted floral pattern adds an elegant charm to your festive tables while the timeless wood makes a lasting impression at your party.

Tray from ellementry

Serving trays come in handy when you have to transport serveware filled with hot fluid. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can have a round decorative tray or one made from wood. All of them are no less than a long term investment in house decor. You can use them for multiple purposes. Trays play the role of a perfect platter for so many items. The item contributes efficiently well to overall home decor.