FAQ on Collection by Material

The Collection by Material is available in Glass, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Glass, Glass, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Collection by Material products range from the lowest price being INR 750 to the highest price being INR 3750.

There are total 188 products in Collection by Material Category.

Glass Water Dispenser, blue wood utensil holder, Frangipani Wooden Cutlery Stand, drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper, drink more glass water bottle with ceramic stopper, etc are the best selling products in Collection by Material Category.

ellementry dabbles in a vast variety of materials to provide you with the best of wares. You can name it and we will most certainly have it. Ceramic, metal, marble, ecomix, linen, glass, wood, terracotta, and coconut shell is a broad classification of the ellementry ensemble.


The ceramic collection comes in calming hues and graceful styles. Each product is an absolute visual along with being functional, with its glossy as well as a classy look. They are handcrafted delights that every shelf and tabletop craves to host. These ceramic beauties are available as coffee mugs, tall mugs, tea bags, roti box, breakfast plate, breakfast set, planters, cake stand, serving bowls, dinner plate, pasta bowl, loaf pan, and condiment set.


The metal collection draws you into a royal rustic allure. In shades of gold, silver, and brass, these beauties bring period charm to each bite and sip. These metal masterpieces have faced fierce fires and emerged victorious as the cream of the crop for kitchenware and serveware. They are available in the form of serving bowl, garlic storage bin, mug, cake server set, salad set, coffee mug, tea pan, tea container, ice cream spoon set, ladle set, coffee set, wire basket, sweet course cutlery, serving spoon set, tadka pan, fry pan, roti tongs, fork set, wall art, bread box, platter, wall hooks, milk and sugar pot set, coffee filter, sugar container, table spoon set, onion storage bin, grain storage barrel, rice storage barrel, potato storage barrel, meal platter, dessert spoon set, cake set, napkin ring, cutlery set, fruit fork set, fruit bowl, dessert bowl, cake stand, pendant lamp, salt and pepper shaker.


The marvellous material of marble has a strong, cool, and calm aura resonating from its extremely hard yet extremely smooth being. With monochromes of black and white, a beauty like this should not be ignored. Prefer to have your kitchen spaces with the presence of these pristine pieces. Experience the serenity of marble in the form of mortar and pestle, t-light holder, chakla belan, cake stand, and chopping board stand.


Did you know that blending flour, glue, and newspaper can result in eco-friendly home decor? Witness this fantastic fusion that has been fashioned to fit into your home spaces with ease. Adopt a lifestyle driven by healthy choices. The eco-friendly items are available as Lanterns, lamps with shade, and wax bowls.


Clad your tablescape with beautiful linen and watch how small details can bring out the aesthetics of your dining spaces. Best to make use of linen as placemats, table runners, and dish towels.


The glass collection comes in a seamless style with its crystal-clear goodness. This solid yet fragile material is always handled with delicacy and can never go out of style. Enjoy the transparency of this material which aestheticizes everything that is poured or placed in it. You can glide in the glory of this glassware in the form of a water bottle, vinegar bottle, cloche, butter dish, jar, jug, tumbler, carafe, roti box, bowl, and water dispenser.


Welcome a wonderful array of wooden wares into your abode. The warm wooden hues give a touch of natural finishing to your kitchen and dining spaces. These products include Wall shelf, decor, roti box, serving platter, tray, wall clock, cutlery holder, serving bowl, snack bowl, chopping board, salad servers, salad spoons, cheeseboard, cutlery and napkin holder, wall hook, cake stand, masala box, peg table, scooper, napkin rings, lamp, spatula, ice bucket, bottle cooler, ladle, bela, countertop caddy, side table, multi utility platter, nut bowl, and 2 tier cake stand.


The earthenware collection of terracotta is truly thoughtful. It gives you the experience of being one with the soil as you sip and eat from it while it exudes peace and coolness. Relish the tranquillity with a terracotta line up of bottle, carafe, loaf pan, baking dish, bowl, sprouter, curd setter, vase, lamp, diyas, planter, tumbler, nut bowl, bottle cooler, jar.

Coconut shell

Embark on the coastal charm of coconut shells as snack bowls. Enjoy the outdoor experience indoors as you introduce it into your regular routine.