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The Desserts & Appetisers is available in Mango Wood, Stainless Steel, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Stainless Steel, and more.

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Desserts & Appetisers products range from the lowest price being INR 450 to the highest price being INR 4750.

There are total 48 products in Desserts & Appetisers Category.

Frangipani Wooden Roti Box, Aura Gold Cake Set of Two, Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray, Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl, Enigma Rose Gold Cake Set of Two, etc are the best selling products in Desserts & Appetisers Category.

Our desserts deserve our best, and the seasoned host pays as much attention to them as they do to other courses at a party. The fresh whiff of baking from the oven is one of the fragrances that speak directly to the soul and rightfully so. For indulgences that go beyond our primal satisfaction of hunger, one that satisfies our sweet tooth cravings, we have all that you'll need to prepare. We have dessert dishes handcrafted with ceramic from different collections. From earthy hues look to a walk in the garden and inspiration from the cosmos, they serve you desserts in different hand-painted designs. Our cake stands come in different sizes. Our wood and marble cake stands are timeless and sturdy. It's the perfect stage for cupcakes and other small sweet bites. From appetiser servers to our cheeseboards and platters, all are handcrafted from wood to give out a timeless appeal. Our cloches marry glass with wood or marble and give the perfect display for your desserts too. They're the standard-bearers of food-safety and they maintain it elegantly.

Dessert & appetiser bowls from ellementry 

Handcrafted dessert bowls and appetiser bowls give the preparations you serve a more friendly touch. At Ellementry, you will find a variety of handcrafted bowls made of mango wood, Sheesham wood, terracotta, marble, brass and ceramic. These dessert bowls are beautiful and useful to serve desserts or a little something to munch on at parties or every day. So when you want to give your helping an ancient touch, use the wooden bowl that serves salads, nachos, or popcorn with sheer poise on the table. When you want to give your dessert serving a royal touch then embrace Masai brass bowl and say goodbye to worrying about delicate serving ware. Give your serving a natural feel by using a hand-painted terracotta bowl that is environmentally friendly too. You can use the marble bowl with wooden stand in multiple ways when you want to give your serving a contemporary feel than go for the ceramic fruit bowl or multicolour dip bowls. You can use it to gracefully display flowers with water on the centre table or use it to display fruits at the dining table.

Platters from ellementry

Ellementry as a brand understands the modern needs of the millennial generation. Here you will find serving plates that can add more fun to any gathering. The products are made from a sustainable material, handcrafted, letting you grab additional brownie points in front of your guests. After all, food presentation is equally essential to the success of a dish as its taste. And serving platter plays a crucial role in the dining room and kitchen. At Ellementry, form & functionality is one of the core pillars and you can see that in these serving platters. There are numerous collections of beautiful and useful platters online that you can find at Ellementry. Any serving platters that you will choose from here will allow you to create an eye-pleasing display of food. It's perfect for desserts or passing around nibbles at a party. From Teak wood, Mango wood and Sheesham wood to ceramic, you may choose any platter online from here. Every piece out here is beautifully handcrafted and 100% food safe as per the international food safety standards. The 'Fleur D'or' Wooden Platter will adore the art lover.  In Teak wooden platter and Aqua rustic will please the minimalistic lover, the wooden masala platters will be liked by those who love spices as these two platters are in the shape of Indian Spices. Vibrant red hand-glazed ceramic Picante platter and mango wood textured platter with their unique shape will attract those who love contemporary style.


Cakestand from ellementry

Your love for baking cake needs a cake stand too. It is a must-have in your kitchen. It is specifically designed to display your bakery items like cookies, pie, cupcakes and more. Happiness is only a cupcake away when it is on a 2 tier cake stand.  As you bring them out for your guests this season, they must get a festive stage to stand tall. Give the cakes the beautiful cupcake stand they deserve. The two-tier cakestand of ellementry can be loaded up with cupcakes, sandwiches and more. The cake stand collection has wooden, ceramic and marble cake stand. Our cake serving set can also double up as a fruit display for every day. Give your desserts a lift with our cake stand that you can buy online. Give your beautiful cakes a royal treatment with this 2 tier cake stand. Get a beautifully handcrafted cake serving set to give your cakes a graceful backdrop. Buy a cake stand from ellementry and give your desserts a lift with the timeless charm. These cake stand online from ellementry are sustainable and handcrafted so that these cake stands will be good for nature too.

Cloche from ellementry

Most of our cloche online have a fusion of either glass and wood or glass and marble. A fusion of glass and wood doubles the charm of desserts, fruits and other indulgences. A union of glass with marble base serves as the perfect home to your cheese or pastry and sits well at the table. Glass cloche online are generally mouth-blown clear glass that adds to the beauty of our cloche designs. It makes a beautiful presentation of cheese, fruits, desserts and other appetisers. Square small glass cloche with its ergonomically designed structure elegantly protects your mithais or pastries. Give your cakes or fruits a classy treatment in the fluted glass cloche with the wooden base also protects it at the party or the feast. We have a large cloche online that can be used for parties and festive occasions and small glass cloche to make your everyday beautiful. Buy cloche online to add finesse and flair to your sweet delicacies.


Lazy Susan from ellementry

Lazy Susan is a rotating tray, mostly circular, placed on the top centre of a table to assist in moving food around to all the diners on the table. Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials but are usually made of wood. Lazy susans make mealtime and party time more fun. They have a way of stealing the hearts of those who take it for a spin. Optimise the centre of your table with a glass lazy susan on the dining table and encourage better conversation, minimising interruptions of please pass this, or pass that. Turn the wooden lazy susan table to get what you want. Buy wooden lazy susan to display your self-serving platters of cheese, crackers, fruit, and olives. Your guests would love it when they realise the tray spins around. It is like what goes around comes around. Your preparations deserve the best. Give your servings a lift with our kitchen lazy susan collection in marble and wood. Our lazy susan makes it easy to pass around the love. What's more? They bring the best of both worlds to the table. It can double up as a centrepiece for your fruit display too.

Fruit pick from ellementry 

What can complement the healthy habit of eating fruits daily? A delicate way to eat them, for you and your house guests. The handcrafted and ergonomically designed wooden fruit picks from Ellementry takes them to new levels of class. Besides making diced fruits so convenient to eat, it fits perfectly into any house occasion and will also work well with your daily fruit salad. The fruit picks online at ellementry are perfect during special events like fruit party or even for everyday fruit salad. Using these eco-friendly fruit picks is an inspiration to society also. Set an example for everyone by buying these fruit picks and showing that being environmentally responsible can also be cool, classy and trendy. These handcrafted teak picks are of natural teak wood, so they are absolutely food safe. Fruit picks are hand made by natural wood products, each product colour depth the texture may have some differences. Buy fruit pick online as they are sustainable in nature. Break everyday patterns with our contemporary designs, which pay homage to our culture, find more at ellementry.com


Chip N Dip from ellementry

Between passing around packets of chips and upgrading the hosting game, we all grow up. The ceramic chip-n-dip online set from ellementry strikes the perfect balance of playfulness and classy. In fact, chip n dip set from ellementry can make a great impression on your guests when you serve snacks filled with your favourite dip. At ellementry, the chip and dip sets are entirely crafted by hand, from ceramic pieces that come with hand-painted patterns to ones that are a fusion of metal and enamel. Buy chip n dip from here as we have a wide range of chip and dip sets. You can buy chip n dip alone or with the entire collection also. In most of our ceramic dinnerware collection, we have a chip n dip set. These food-safe chip and dip are as per international standards. Beautifully handcrafted to make your everyday beautiful, and you will love picking the chip n dip platter for your party or for your daily snack time. So, while having snacks alone or serving to your guest, there is always time for Chip-Dip Share-Repeat.

Cheeseboard from ellementry 

There is an old proverb that cheese is for life, not just for Christmas' and at Ellementry, we give you enough reasons to make a meal or snack out of your cheese and display it like a pro on cheeseboards made of Teak wood and Mango wood. You can slice or serve your bread or cheese on a natural backdrop of Teak or mango wood cheese board available at Ellementry. Most of them come with an extended handlebar for the firm grip, and all of them are handcrafted, so they look very artistic and elegant look for an excellent presentation. All the cheese boards available at Ellementry are 100% food safe as per the international food safety standards. Load them with a variety of cheese like blue cheese, Goat cheese, Hard Cheese or the one you like the most. Add fresh and dried fruits like grapes, berries, figs, apricot and more. After this, go with thick oats or wheat cracker and if you want more cheese flavour then opt for cheese crackers. You may also add some additional snacks in it like quiche, olives. To buy a breadboard, cheese platter, explore Ellementry's cheese board collection.

Cake Server from ellementry

Do you also get a twinkle in your eye after seeing a freshly baked cake? There's nothing more satisfying on the menu than a freshly baked cake, served straight from the oven. And if you're hosting your bunch for an evening, our cake servers are your best companions. Our cake servers crafted in wood and brass are going to enhance your cake serving experience with ease. 

Crafted from wood, not only do they serve the cake from the oven, but they come with a bird motif that makes them quite the looker even at the table. The bird flies away from that motif, resting as a napkin ring that holds the napkins in interesting shapes you fold them in. You may pair them up with our cake stand to complete the perfect festive look for the holiday season.

Crafted in brass, a material so at home in Indian kitchens, this serving set helps you pick up delicate desserts easily and the flat server lets you scoop up cake or pie slices without breaking them up. It is like having your cake and eating it too, and serving it in style!

If you need these cake stands, you may walk into any of our stores near you or just buy it from here on the ellementry website.

Appetiser cutlery from ellementry

For the people who take their cheese seriously, the cheese server cutlery is a must-have. cutlery from Ellementry will help you serve them perfectly and help you create a good impression on your guests. The cheese knives at Ellementry are handcrafted crafted exclusively for hard cheese as well as for soft cheese. These Cheese cutlery set online will help you serve your cheese to your guest at its best. Wine and cheese nights are magical, and with the Shiraz Brass Cheese & Wine Cutlery Set of four, you can make this experience mesmerising. This is food safe as per International Standard. The two cheese knives will help you smoothly cut soft and hard cheese easily. With the regular bottle opener and the corkscrew bottle opener, you can open any wine bottle in style without spilling the content. At ellementry, we choose the right materials and processes to ensure that what you serve in is beautiful and entirely food-safe. From picking the right cheese to savouries that complement them perfectly, it takes you through all that you need for setting up the perfect festive environment altogether.

Store and serves jars from ellementry

At ellementry, good design isn't a privilege; it is customary as the brand believes in the unity of form and function-driven by its six pillars. It's not just about products but inspiring refined and comfortable living. Ellementry takes this philosophy of pure luxury to a new level with its store and serves jars. Yes, have you ever stopped and wondered what do glass jars dream about? Can they be something more than just a storage unit? Our designers have the answer in 'Twain Glass Jar'. Not only does it store your food safely, but it comes with a lid handcrafted with wood that doubles up as a nut bowl. So, as it rests on top of the jar, it serves the nibbles and a little something to munch on that it stores. It's a fusion of purposes through a fusion of glass and wood. These are the jars that work double shifts, to store and serve desserts & appetisers.

Roti Box from ellementry

Meet our wooden roti servers. Handcrafted by our artists, these wooden boxes are entirely safe to serve in and lend a breath of fresh air to everyday meals. The enamelled lids become canvases for our artists to hand-paint beautiful patterns on them, making each piece a statement in style on any table top. They’re built to last one generation to another, becoming kitchen heirlooms that make everyday beautiful.

Serving tray from ellementry

Serve up Sunday breakfast in style with our Wooden Trays. We have spacious, convenient, classy hand-painted and handcrafted wooden trays, and they are a perfect companion for all you serve.

Our Flora family tray set adorned with nature’s bountiful gift of flowers is a versatile piece that is as good for serving food as it is for holding odds and ends, art supplies or a bunch of important papers (that just keep getting lost!). Painted by hand by our artisans, this set of trays is looking for a way to come home to you

Frangipani mango wood tray is a handcrafted round tray framed by a chunky rim, and hand-painted flowers highlight the base. It is ideal for serving drinks, cheese or pretty much anything. It can also serve as a centrepiece on a coffee table in your home or office.