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The Jar is available in Glass, Glass, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, and more.

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Jar products range from the lowest price being INR 950 to the highest price being INR 3090.

There are total 30 products in Jar Category.

Glass Jar With Wooden Lid Set of 4, Allora Glass Jar, Foursquare sugar container with wooden Lid, Apple & Pear Glass Jar Set of 2, carbon ceramic jar, etc are the best selling products in Jar Category.

KItchen Storage Jars

A well-organised kitchen is a sign of a proud homemaker, according to a recent survey. One who prefers everything in its proper place and the environment to be impeccably decorated. For them, it is critical to know what goes where. They understand that proper storage begins with selecting the best kitchen jars. At ellementry, we offer both ceramic and glass storage jars. Glass is perfectly safe to eat and never contaminates whatever it stores. A glass jar with a wooden cover is an airtight storage container that keeps the contents contained. The ribbed glass storage jars feature an unusual form that provides a better grip. There are frosted glass jars that serve as both storage containers and decorative pieces. Our ceramic storage jars are hand-painted and glazed, which ensures that they are completely food safe. These ceramic storage jars come in a variety of hues to suit a variety of moods. The ceramic jars with wooden lids effectively seal in everything you store. At ellementry.com, you can purchase ceramic jars or glass jars online.

Adaptation of Grandma's Achaar Ka Martban in the 21st century

Taste, tanginess, scent, and more are all important aspects of Indian cuisine. Each bite of Indian food is enjoyed with pickles and other condiments to produce the perfect consistency. Pickles come in a wide variety of flavours, which adds to the excitement of our meals. To appeal to a wider audience, western culture is also embracing the recipes and giving them its own spin. Since pickling was originally used to preserve food and seasonal vegetables, it is thought that pickling originated in India 4,000 years ago. It grew increasingly domestic as moms passed it down to their daughters. Achaar, on the other hand, must be appropriately stored in order to remain fresh and delicious for a long period. Martban was the customary term, but times have changed since the 1970's. This is true even for the traditional martban. Ellementry is a company that provides these services. A large assortment of ceramic and glass jars are available from the brand, which are great for keeping chutney and achaar without compromising on beauty.

When storing pickles, keep them in a cool, shady place. Its handling is also governed by tight guidelines. To serve the condiments, one must always use a dry wooden or steel table spoon. Every now and then, it's also important to stir the mixture to let it breathe. Ellementry provides a large choice of pickle jars that will come in handy if you're also seeking for new jars for your favourite pickles.

carbon ceramic jar

In the event that you want white or something delicate and classy, you'll want to opt for a carbon-ceramic container to preserve your achaar. Color pattern will match the decor. The wooden lid will prevent the pickle from spoiling too quickly.. For all of your wonderful condiments, invest in a pair or two.

Twain Glass Jar with wooden bowl(Large)

Would you like to know which jar contains which condiment without having to waste time? Using a glass jar is the easiest method to find out. A timeless beauty, the Twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (big) is made of glass and wood. The lid is fashioned like a bowl, which can be used for serving. Set the table with this jar if you have guests coming for lunch or dinner. The condiment should be placed on top of the bowl lid. A tablespoon will be much easier to consume. Your family and acquaintances will be impressed!

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid  

When it comes to current products, even the old-schooler will appreciate a turquoise rustic porcelain jar with a wooden cover. It is a modern take on achaar ka martban. There is something magical about a kitchen with a delicate hue. As well as bringing you closer to nature, the combination of ceramic and wood creates an earthy atmosphere.

Twiggy Glass Jar With Wooden Lid (Tall)

A twigy frosted glass jar with a wooden cover is also a nice addition to your kitchen and pickle collection (tall). Glazing with a leaf design on frosted glass is a joy. There is a gorgeous head on top of the hardwood cover that you may use to display your own choice.

Allora Glass Jar

Having trouble finding a clean and dry spoon to remove pickles from jars? Nothing should stand in your way of satisfying your cravings. An Allora glass jar that comes with a wooden spoon is the best way to get started right away. There is a little spoon holder on the side of the container, which prevents the spoon from falling out. Are you in the mood for some heat or acidity? Achar is scooped onto your dish by using your spoon.

Hemisphere Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid (Short)

Only the greatest goods should be on the guest's table. Indian cuisine is incomplete without condiments, thus you cannot ignore them. Serve the achaar in a hemispherical ceramic jar with a wooden lid (short). Every serving piece will look great in this shade of white. Alternatively, you can use the container to store biscuits, dried fruits, sweets, and other items as needed.

Pickles and condiments can be stored in the aforementioned ceramic and glass containers. This is a modern twist that grandma will enjoy and appreciate. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go! Shop at ellementry.com today for your favourite things!