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They form an integral part of a dinnerware. Before the invention of modern plates, people used to eat off of large seashells, gourd halves, and leaves. It all started with clay! The invention of clay gave rise to the invention of ancient pottery dinnerware. Trenchers, made from hard bread, were casual dinnerware used during medieval times. Later these trenches were redesigned to hold sauces, meals, and salt along with loaves of bread. 

Plate classification

Dinner plates - Dinner plates are reserved for serving the day's largest meals. They serve as an accompaniment to the main course meals. A dinner plate is typically 11 or 12 inches across. Generally, it is accompanied by a side plate. Side plates are used to serve side dishes such as bread, cookies, and fruits also to keep the dining area clear of clutter.

Features of ellementry dinner plates

Temperature resistance — This is a critical characteristic of a premium dinner plate. Individuals should avoid consuming food on non-temperature-resistant plates. It may be detrimental to their health.

Impact-resistant — No one wants to invest in delicate dinner plates, and manufacturers realise. Because they are the first plates used in a household, they are well-known for their durability and resistance to impact.

Corrosion-proof – Ellementry's high-quality dinner plates are corrosion-resistant. These are compatible with acidic foods.

The very best dinner plates

Dinner plates should be designed in such a way that they enhance the visual appeal of the food served on them. When choosing dinner plates, it is advisable to stick to natural colours such as wooden brown and white. Wooden hues impart a natural flavour to the dish, grounding it and making it more attractive. Additionally, crimson dinner plates can be used to make the meal appear more enticing. Shapes are irrelevant until and unless the meal given provides the guests with vital flavours.

Plates for desserts 

Dessert plates, also known as luncheon plates, are an integral part of the tableware set. They come in a range of sizes from six to eight inches. These dishes are a must-have for formal and informal dinners alike. As the name implies, their primary objective is to serve desserts to their guests. Additionally, they can be utilised to serve appetisers and snacks at weddings and gatherings.

Features of ellementry dessert plates 

Spill-proof — Because desserts are typically semi-liquid in nature, they are meant to be spill-proof.

Long lasting- Ellementry's dessert plates are sturdy and long-lasting. You can absolutely rely on the brand's quality.

Can tolerate both hot and cold textures - The majority of desserts are either hot or cold. A good plate is one that is capable of withstanding both temperatures without releasing pollutants.

Important guidelines for selecting dinnerware

These guidelines assist you in selecting the appropriate dinnerware for your household.

Utility - The primary aspect when selecting tableware is utility. Consider the following: How will you employ them? This will assist you in quickly identifying the correct set. Avoid selecting settings that are excessively ornate and do not serve your objective. Similarly, opting for standard everyday dinnerware would make your table appear dull and uninteresting.

Size – We Indians regard our visitors as Gods. One should always have the appropriate size of plates on hand to serve a sufficient amount of food to their visitors. Your dishes and bowls should be large enough to accommodate the number of people seated at the table. Consider buying in a variety of different sizes of crockery for different types of events. For example, choose a smaller size for formal occasions and a larger one for family gatherings.

Color and durability — When feeding your friends and family, you should always go for unusual and eye-catching colours. On the other hand, for formal feasts, opt with neutral and monochrome motifs. Conducting minimal study before purchasing tableware will be an extra benefit. Ascertain that they are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Food serves as a bridge between people from disparate cultures. It should be entirely enjoyable. Serving meals on vibrantly coloured and distinctively designed plates can add drama to the table. Additionally, one can experiment by presenting food on unique shaped plates. Unevenly shaped crockery is always a focal point of attention and conversation. A stunning and eye-catching piece of handmade dinnerware from Ellementry is sufficient to brighten the spirits of the guests. Enjoy Your Food!