FAQ on Kitchen Utilities

The Kitchen Utilities is available in Acacia Wood, Mango Wood, Marble, Oak Wood, Mango Wood, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Kitchen Utilities products range from the lowest price being INR 1050 to the highest price being INR 3591.

There are total 12 products in Kitchen Utilities Category.

ChopNCheese Acacia Wood Chopping Board, wooden chopping board round lrg brown, Zigzag Marble Chopping Board Stand, Sous Chef Multi Utility Platter, Twiggy Chopping Board Set of 2 with Marble Stand, etc are the best selling products in Kitchen Utilities Category.


Kitchens can be simple places with the right utilities. Our kitchen utilities don't just meet a purpose, and they do so beautifully. Crafted in wood, they're timeless. More than just utilities, they become kitchen heirlooms. Our wooden cheese board sets the stage for camembert or gouda or any type on the table for the eclectic curators who indulge in the cheese culture. Our veggies deserve our best: our timeless wooden chopping board makes life simple, giving you a firm base, all the while looking classy. They're just thick enough to let you chop with ease but light sufficient to carry it to the window and finish the chore by the sun. The wooden butcher board is for neat cuts and precise chopping. It's sturdy and looks good too. After all, if the kitchen is one of the essential places in your home, doesn't it deserve the fine blend of form and function.

Butcher Board

At Ellementry, we define beauty as a blend of what looks good and also does good. Take our In Teak butcher boards for example. They're crafted with wood, which gives them a timeless appeal. Not only is it the right weight to endure a heavy-duty chopping, but it also never enters the food. And wood ages gracefully, it doesn't need to be replaced every few years. The scratches that it gets over time are just signs of it ageing. And it becomes a part of your kitchen decor. Break an everyday pattern with our butcher board. 

Chopping is only a chore if you treat it like one. It's the simple things like these where we find moments for ourselves when we can listen to ourselves and get into a rhythm. For generations, chopping at home has been an activity that has seen a lot. From sitting in front of the television to bonding with others at home, there's a lot that goes on while chopping. A tradition so subtle yet important needs a timeless stage. It becomes a kitchen heirloom.  Meet our butcher boards that are crafted with wood, which gives them a timeless appeal. From heavy-duty chopping to something breezy, our heavy-duty cutting boards can endure it all. While they're not quick to take scratches, they take impressions over time. But that's just wood ageing gracefully. Our butcher boards come in various shapes, starting from a round board or a rectangular butcher board, depending on your style. Buy wooden butcher boards online at ellementry.com and make way for kitchen heirlooms that become hand-me-downs from one generation to the next.

Chopping Board

Chopping doesn't need to be treated like a chore. Chopping is one of the few mindless activities that only use caution from our brains. The rest of it is ours to keep empty. Or to have some quiet, me-time. After all, they say that mindless activities sometimes solve more significant problems and riddles of our lives. And chopping vegetables is also a daily task that has seen some of the warmest memories of our lives. Conversations that went on as long as the amount of ladyfinger in the bag. Final run television shows of the day, straight after dinner, as your mother sat next to you preparing for the next morning's tiffin. There's a lot that goes behind just chopping. So an activity that's such a subtle difference maker in our lives needs a stage that's timeless. From heavy-duty chopping to something breezy, our chopping boards can endure it all. And while they're not quick to take scratches, they take impressions over time. 

The latest addition in our chopping board list is a multi-utility tray turned into our brand-new kitchen essential – the Sous Chef Multi Utility Platter, waiting for you to take it home! A multifunctional piece, the platter allows you to have everything you need for the cook right at hand. You can chop on this tray and keep all the ingredients ready to start, from spices to veggies to eggs.

Cheese Boards

A seasoned host knows that starters that welcome your guests set the tone for the evening. They break the ice and ease the guests into the vibe. And when the stakes get high, getting a little cheesy work out more times than anyone would admit. And if you could point cheese on a map, France is where you'd mark it. A good mix of brie, camembert, and sweet cheese should always work out. Our wooden cheese boards set the stage for the cheese you pick for any occasion. The wooden overlays lights up the stage perfectly to fit any cheese: pink or white. And who has better chemistry with cheese other than bread? These platters double up as breadboards as well. So the next time you bake a fresh batch, look no further than these wooden boards to slice them on. 

Utilities of ellementry chopping boards:

Chopping board not just help in chopping but also promotes proper hygiene of the cooking process. It becomes the platform where the chopped items can rest until placed in suitable cookware or serveware
Chopping boards are multifunctional; they can be used as cheese boards and cut bread slices from a bread loaf.

Chopping boards are the starting point for all great meals in your kitchen, but they sometimes struggle to find a good vantage point. Solve that problem with our brand-new Twiggy chopping board set of 2 with marble stand. Now you can have your boards always at hand and homed in an elegant stand when you're not using them.

Our minimalist In Teak chopping board is coated with a food-safe lacquer to ensure that your food stays safe every time you use it. And food safety is the first step to good health, don't we all know it!

Our Mango wood Chopping board is boards of all trades, it is multipurpose, it can chop any types of food items ranging from cheese and bread to vegetables.

Chopping and crushing are indispensable and an essential part of cooking. With our Chop & Crush Cutting Board with Mortar, you can chop your herbs or peel the garlic and then make them into a paste with this handy mortar provided in marble. A must-have for your kitchen.

The environment is precious; therefore, ellementry chopping boards are made of sustainable material. So, if you want to make your kitchen remodel more nature-driven, then the ellementry chopping board is a significant investment.