FAQ on Dinner Tray

The Dinner Tray is available in Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Engineered Wood, Mango Wood, Engineered Wood, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Dinner Tray products range from the lowest price being INR 981 to the highest price being INR 4005.

There are total 11 products in Dinner Tray Category.

Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray, Frangipani Rectangle Wooden Tray, Shade of Grey Wooden Tray, Shade of Green Wooden Tray, Lapis Blue Wooden Tray, etc are the best selling products in Dinner Tray Category.


Are you still using standard plates to transport teapots and cups to the coffee table? To be honest, if you do, you should not. Using a standard plate rather of a serving tray degrades your degree of hospitality and, in some cases, your reputation. You may get a lovely wooden serving dish from Ellementry, a well-known brand recognised for its handcrafted cookware.

Serving trays come in handy when transporting serveware that contains hot liquid. Ellementry trays come in various forms and sizes for you to choose from so, if you want to elevate your serving, then just for these trays made of wood.  

Inventive ways to use a serving tray around the house

You can keep one on your coffee table indefinitely. It will be used to store fragrant candles, coasters, and napkins. This manner, your table will appear more put together without having random items thrown around it. The tray will fulfil its purpose while also elevating the overall ambience of the living space.

Utilising one at the eating table is advantageous from a stylistic and customary standpoint. Arrange a condiment set or salt and pepper shakers on top of it, along with a flower vase. It will add flair to your décor and make cleaning easier by allowing you to move everything at once.

Barware such as martini shakers, wine glasses, and bottles possess an uncommon beauty. Rather of storing them in the cabinet, you can show them by placing them on a round wooden tray. It will give the entire area a more polished appearance.

Finally, but certainly not least, you can utilise a serving tray in the kitchen. Certain ingredients, such as salt, spices, and oil, are found in every cuisine. You can arrange them on a tray. It will save you considerable time and effort. Additionally, you may store the bottles of all sauces on it.

The following are some of the works of art that you can easily carry home.

Frangipani wooden tray 

This spherical tray is created by hand and is framed by a thick rim and hand-painted flowers. It's ideal for serving drinks, nibbles, and pretty much anything else. The tray is sure to bring a grin to the faces of all who see it. If you're concerned about the gloss and paint fading after the first wash, have no fear. After use, simply rinse it with a moderate detergent. Keep it away from abrasion.

In-teak wooden tray (Large)

It is completely perfect for delivering morning meal to your loved ones' beds. The size is adequate for storing anything from a teapot to several dishes. It is elegant, strong, and will last longer than you anticipated.

lapis blue wooden tray

The colours and design are exquisite. This lapis blue tray will infuse your neutral décor with colour. It is culturally ingrained due to the handcrafted flowers. It will look great as a décor element on your coffee table. Additionally, you may place it on the table next to your couch, where it will serve as an ideal nesting site for your air conditioner, television remote, book, and coasters.

These are quite versatile. They are portable and may be used anywhere. Do not judge it by its name, as its application transcends its original meaning. They are quite beneficial since they provide a central location for all of your belongings. Trays organise the small items that would otherwise be lost or misplaced.