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The Organiser is available in Mango Wood, Glass, Glass, Metal, Glass, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Organiser products range from the lowest price being INR 950 to the highest price being INR 2990.

There are total 44 products in Organiser Category.

blue wood utensil holder, Glass Jar With Wooden Lid Set of 4, Allora Glass Jar, Foursquare sugar container with wooden Lid, Apple & Pear Glass Jar Set of 2, etc are the best selling products in Organiser Category.


What goes where?' is the most important question, even more so for kitchens. Every kitchenware item has its proper place, strategically decided depending on its function. And if you don't take storage seriously, it can either make or break it for you in the kitchen. Our kitchen jars are a trip back to tradition. Crafted with mouth-blown Glass, they're entirely food-safe. glass not only keeps things clear, but it never enters anything it stores, making it one of the most food-safe materials. Paired with wooden lids, our glass storage jars are both beautiful and useful. Even ceramic jars, beautifully hand-painted and paired with wood, make a statement and store food safely. Make sure that your storage container is well ventilated. 

When it comes to cooking a masala box is the best tool to have in your kitchen, keeping everything ready and at arm's reach for the cook and our Manjari masala box is perfect for that. 

Our twine wire basket collection is the latest edition in our organiser section. Twine bread box comes with a lot of promise for your breakfast table; the lid of this bread box doubles up as a bread chopping board. For kitchen staples like onions and garlic bulbs, our new twine wire baskets are the best. They are airy, beautiful, and functional; the lid of these wire baskets also acts as chopping boards, and it's this element of multifunctionality that makes it an Ellementry find.

We have cheerful handcrafted jar collections to store your favourite snacks and memories of when you would get down to your coffee and conversations together! It can also be the perfect gift for your loved ones celebrating the little moments of life. 

And a conversation about good storage of kitchenware item list isn't complete without the kitchen rack and shelf that makes the most of the space given to it. The handcrafted kitchen organiser makes life easier while blending beautifully into it.

Jars from ellementry 

A well-organised kitchen signifies a proud homemaker who likes everything in its proper place and the place to be done up beautifully. Getting the storage right begins with picking out the best kitchen jars. At ellementry, we have ceramic storage jars and glass storage jars. Glass is completely food-safe and never enters anything that it stores. A glass jar with a wooden lid is an airtight storage jar and keeps what you store sealed in. The ribbed glass storage jars are given that unique design to provide you with a better grip on them. There are frosted glass jars that not only store what you want them to but also become decor pieces. Our ceramic storage jars are painted and glazed by hands, and the latter ensures that they're entirely food-safe. Our handmade jar collections to store your favourite snacks and memories of when you would get down to your coffee and conversations together! It can also be the perfect gift for your loved ones celebrating the little moments of life. Buy jars online or glass jars online at ellementry.com.

Space-saving racks are best for organising kitchen

We all know one classic tale from the kitchen: the home chef always knows where is what. With the readiness of a fox, they tip-toe between one shelf to the next, one jar to the other, always picking the correct one. It can also be the stuff of nightmares where you don't know what goes where and you're facing the daunting task of cooking something quick. Fret not; our wall mount kitchen rack has you covered. Its sleek design doesn't take up too much of your space. The wooden kitchen rack is ergonomically designed, so it consumes less space but stores more. It has hooks to hold mitts and micro-wave oven gloves. You will find the kitchen racks here to sort out what goes where. And they won't even give you any space issues.

Wall-mounted shelf

Much like somebody's workshop, the kitchen is just a reflection of how good the home chef is. What makes a good kitchen better than the right amount of organisation with all the jars neatly placed in an order. All the utensils and tools always at hand. Spices and condiments not far away and labelled well. Vegetables all neatly stocked up with enough room for them to breathe. Storage defines the accessibility of things in the kitchen. Picture this, It's Tuesday morning, and you have taken the snooze button on your alarm for a ride. Now you've got to hurry. Prepare everything for lunch and check into the office by 9. You enter the kitchen, and all of a sudden, everything you believed doesn't make sense. It's the stuff of dramatic nightmares. But don't worry, our wooden shelf, online at ellementry, fits right into the picture. It's sleek and savvy, so you'll barely ever have space issues. The wooden kitchen shelves are ergonomically designed to consume less space, but it stores more. Buy a kitchen shelf at ellementry.com

Cutlery stand and utensil holders

Why do we need to choose between beauty and utility? When form meets function, they complement each other to become a whole. This whole not only looks good, but it also does good. So when you're out shopping next time, why not buy yourself a utensil holder instead? Our ceramic utensil holders give vases an inferiority complex. Handcrafted, they're painted and glazed by hands too. So each one is a piece of art that takes life in an artisan's hand. Be it our wooden 'Frangipani cutlery stand' where our artists have beautifully hand painted the spring flower frangipani, or our Fiore ceramic utensil holder to keep your kitchen tools stored together. They give your forks and spoons a place to live in the kitchen, adding to the look of the entire room. They're extroverts, so they're completely natural when they're put on the table too. They give ladles, spoons, and forks a beautiful nest to rest in wherever they go. Buy utensil holders online at ellementry.com to break an everyday pattern. 

Storage bins and storage containers

Our vegetable storage containers don't just get along well with the veggies, but they're also quite the lookers. So they either elevate your kitchen's look or blend into it. Metal storage bins are entirely food-safe, they're crafted by hands and do not enter anything that they store. Our eggshell storage containers come with holes that are tactically placed in a design to allow your veggies to breathe, keeping them fresh at the same time keeping them covered as required. So it's up to you to decide how you'd want to place your veggies in the kitchen. After all, why should we choose between beauty and utility? When ellementry can do both. Buy vegetable storage containers at ellementry.com