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The Cookware is available in Marble, Marble, Terracotta, Brass, Teak Wood, and more.

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Erebus Marble Mortar & Pestle, White Marble Chakla Belan with Stand, terracotta sprouter with wooden lid, Arra brass tadka pan with wooden handle, In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand, etc are the best selling products in Cookware Category.


Our handcrafted cookware collection blends beauty with a purpose. The wooden cookware makes a timeless statement in your kitchen. Each piece is designed ergonomically to make it a breeze to work. And that's the thing about wooden cookware, it turns itself into kitchen heirlooms just by its nature of being. The terracotta cookware brings cultural wisdom back into your cooking regime. It's porous and houses good bacteria, so it sets thick curd that does well for the gut too. We've reimagined it in a contemporary form to make tradition walk with us even today. For example, take our chakla belan- our marble chakla belan is as trendy as it is timeless. Above this, it meets international food-safety standards and doesn't get in the way of whatever you cook. Our cookware stands beautifully by itself and gets along well with the likes of glass and wood when required.

Contemporary Style of Chakla Belan

Some preparations don't have a set recipe or a hand guide that we can follow to perfect them. They are traditions passed down generations, one person to another. Making rotis is one of them. It's not something that's best learned off the internet. But for generations, mothers have stood tall over their children, helping them perfect the roundness. And if making roti is a tradition, it doesn't deserve just any other chakla belan. It deserves one that gets passed down with the tradition. A kitchen heirloom. Our chakla belan sets are examples of these. Wooden chakla belan is probably the most staple thing in the Indian kitchen. Paired with a trendy brand belan stand, we've given it a purposeful contemporary twist. Now you don't need to worry about the belan rolling off as you give your rotis a fine simmer. And you if you've wondered which other material fits perfectly for chakla belan? Then marble is your answer.  A marble chakla belan is as trendy as it is timeless. You can buy wooden chakla belan online and marble chakla belan online at ellementry.com. We reimagine tradition and shape it to fit your every day.

Mortar & Pestle Set 

Perhaps the fondest memory of our childhood has homely sounds as our alarm bells. Sometimes annoyed, sometimes delighted, we all remember waking up to the music being put on the television or the radio. The rhythmic beating of the mortar and pestle as our mothers' crushed spices fresh for lunch. Just like how the songs played at home kept our playlists more interesting than pop-rock tracks, this was an age where cold-pressed wasn't a fad, and it was customary. Tradition taught us to get our spices right even without lengthy scientific explanations that made cold-pressed sound hip. Our mortar and pestle set are an ode to that tradition and a throwback to those happy, lazy mornings.  The marble mortar and pestle crushes and blends spices, roots and herbs easily. It takes cold-press out of the fad journal and brings it back into our contemporary lives.  A steaming cup of masala tea made with the help of our Erebus mortar and pestle, enjoyed over some reminiscing. The small mortar and pestle are compact and perfect for fresh and homely everyday doses of spices. Buy mortar and pestle online at ellementry.com. We reimagine tradition and reshape it to fit it into your every day.

Sprouter for healthy snacking on sprouts 

Having sprouts is one of the healthiest diets to consume. Instead of buying sprouts from the market, it is always healthy and good to grow sprouts at home as one don't need a machine to grow sprouts. One can grow sprouts faster at home with the help of a good sprouter. Sprouter made of terracotta is a natural way to grow sprouts as it leaves just the right amount of water in the grains to sprout, soaking in the excess. The moist clay creates the perfect atmosphere for sprouts to grow. At ellementry we support local potters and revive craftmanship. The terracotta sprouter is effortless and the rule of "Less Is More" fits well when it comes to watering the sprouts, and as this terracotta sprouter is moist, so no extra watering is required. With these two container terracotta sprouter, you can enjoy your harvest for non-stop sprouts. The natural terracotta colour ellementry sprout maker online not just looks beautiful, but it is also a handy tool to deliver the right nutrition every day.

Terracotta curd setter, good for the gut 

We have inherited recipes from our grandmothers but to get the same taste; we need to start using the same kind of utensils too. For instance, curd set in a steel container can never match the flavour and richness of curd set in a terracotta vessel. The earthy flavour of the clay pot gives the curd a whole new accent. At ellementry, we have handcrafted terracotta curd setters. Clay being porous, can absorb water; therefore, when you make yoghurt in clay pots, the clay absorbs the excess water, and so the yoghurt is much thicker and creamier. Any other container can never match this characteristic of terracotta. Buy terracotta curd setter from here online to set your curd at home. These are 100% food-safe curd setters as per international standards. Clay helps keep the culture of the curd at the right temperature for it to grow successfully. These unique curd setter online helps in cutting down the sourness of curd as it is made of clay which is alkaline in nature; therefore, it can balance out the acidity of the yoghurt to a large extent.

Pasta Measure 

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But those who share the love for risotto, penne or spaghetti carry a bit of Italy wherever they go. The sauce is hardly ever bought over the counter, it's prepared at home. And they take their measures seriously, just like the pasta chefs in Florence. Pasta isn't as much about what comes on the plate, but they define it with the journey in making it. Meet our premium pasta measure. It brings the accuracy you desire while cooking up a bowl full or a casserole of spaghetti. The wooden pasta measure, online at our store brings you closer to your own spaghetti goals. Because perfection exists not just as a show but even within yourself. So take your time in loving the process of making pasta. Pink, white or red sauce, cook up your own blend and then toss in the right size of spaghetti. People may or may not tell the difference, but the inner chef in you will always know.  Buy pasta measure online at ellementry.com and start your journey to finding the perfect spaghetti you can cook.

Laddle & Spatula

A few things are necessary for any kitchen, and a spatula  is one of the essential parts of cutlery in the kitchen. The wooden spatula is the best option as it will never put a scratch on the pan, pot or wok. The kitchen spatula allows a firm grip to flip or to stir the content quickly. As wooden spatula and wooden laddle  don't conduct heat, therefore, you can use it without the fear of the handle heating up. Wooden cookeware are handcrafted at ellementry won't leach harmful chemicals. It won't react with your food or leave any smell as they adhere the international food safety standards. Wooden spatula for cooking available online at Ellementry is made of teak wood and mango wood without using harmful chemicals; thus, there is no chance of those chemicals getting into the environment or your food. So, with ellementry wooden laddle and saptula, you can say goodbye to scratches on your expensive cookware. Enjoy a hassle-free serving experience with this kitchen spoon. It will blend well into any kitchen and go with the decor.

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