FAQ on Table Linen

The Table Linen is available in 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Table Linen products range from the lowest price being INR 801 to the highest price being INR 3890.

There are total 20 products in Table Linen Category.

Pinstriped 100% Cotton Table Runner (Charcoal Grey), Aksa 100% Cotton Table Runner, Classic Stripes 100% Cotton Table Runner, Mango Mojito 100% Cotton Table Runner, Vertical Limits 100% Cotton Table Runner, etc are the best selling products in Table Linen Category.

Dressing up your table for dinner is as important as picking the right attire for yourself. It helps set the tone for the evening. Together with the dinnerware collection and the lighting you choose, it creates the vibe. Our dinnerware linen adorns your table and each aspect of it serves a function. Our table runners form the base of the whole get up. Cotton runners feel good and look beautiful too. Table covers not only add to the get-up but are actually around to protect your table from spoonfuls of everything you've cooked. Our cotton placemats are quite the lookers too. Sitting right below everything you serve and individual plates, they help protect your table too. And we have different colours and patterns for different moods: from cosy to bright to formal, you'll find shades and designs for all the occasions. And not just occasions, all of our designs break an everyday pattern.

Table linen, is a vital part of every table arrangement, no matter what you are serving. Right from food to drinks, you need runners and mats that can enhance the way you display looks. While serving drinks or taking the bottle out from the cooler, you will need napkins to hold the bottle firmly. The cloth placed under the ice bucket will ensure that the wooden or glass desk doesn’t get watermarks or rings. They are not easy to get rid of and make your counter look shabby.

Not only does the table linen add style to any mealtime, but these also affect our perception towards the food. It can make a dull dish look bright and ready to be consumed. A small terrace lunch, picnics in backyards, formal dinners will look more elegant when set with a clean, beautiful linen tablecloth.

Placemat from ellementry

At Ellementry, we believe that beauty and purpose go hand-in-hand. That beauty is what looks good, and also does good. And blending beauty where no one usually looks, makes it stand out. A beautiful story is a story told beautifully. The way leaves look and how they supply food to the entire crop, eye pleasing plants that bio-filter water, the sun and the mood: nature is filled with many pairings of form and function. So why not apply the same principle at our homes and blend both beauty and purpose to everything that we place in it. Our cotton place mat is the perfect example of this. Not only does it dress up your table in interesting patterns, but it takes away any proud homemaker’s worry: spills and smudges on the table. The online place mat gives your guests a beautiful base to eat on and adds up to the look of your table. And there are plenty of patterns to choose from: the table placemat online fits every occasion and even your every day. Buy place mat at www.ellementry.com.

Table runner from ellementry

Sprucing up your home isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort, planning and sometimes, teamwork. And no matter the occasion, if you’re very particular about the details, you’ll make sure everything is set right in its place. From curtains to cushions, every little detail is in sync with the other. You know that it’s these tiny details that make a bigger difference. A small but beautiful floral pattern on your curtains could hold your guest’s attention. You don’t have to make bigger gestures to mark an impression. The more minimal it is, the better. And you being the perfectionist you are, will make sure you surround yourself with these details to make it an even more beautiful place to live in. With that being said, if you’re looking to create a seasonal display to grace your dining table, our table runners are all you need. Our cotton table runner is entirely handcrafted by our artists which adds a personal and unique touch to your setting. You can find our table runner online with a variety of colours, textiles, and sizes. This simple table decor is all decked up to suit just about everyone’s style. Buy table runner online at www.ellementry.com

Napkin at ellementry

Trees branch out to give us shade. The moon endures its phases to maintain nature’s balance. Seasons change for a reason too. There is always a reason why certain things are in their place. Because they have a purpose to serve. There is a subtle balance between form and function. And nature has its way of spelling it out. Even the tiniest detail can’t be missed. Everything is interrelated and complement each other. If you take them out of the picture, it disturbs the flow of events. Which is why it’s so important to let things be the way they are meant to be. In nature, in ourselves and even while following certain traditions like setting up a dining table. But a good homemaker will cater to all the details effortlessly, no matter how daunting any task seems. With that being said, you know the reason why certain things belong and are placed where they are on the dining table. While utensils and the special cutlery take the centre stage, napkins always seem to feel left out. Meet our cotton napkin. It not only serves its purpose but looks extremely stylish while it does so. It graces your table with a touch of handmade and is an entirely food-safe napkin too. Find our sustainable table napkin on our website. You can find our table napkin online at www.ellementry.com