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The Bread Board is available in Mango Wood, and more.

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In keeping with the traditional proverb that 'Cheese is for life, not just for Christmas,' Ellementry offers cheeseboards made of Teak and Mango wood. A teak or mango wood cheese board by Ellementry allows you to slice or serve your bread and cheese against a natural backdrop. Handcrafted, all of them have a very artistic and exquisite appearance that makes for a great presentation. Most of them have an extended handlebar for a secure grasp. Adhering to the international food safety regulations, Ellementry's cheese boards are completely safe to use.

What goes on a cheese board?

A cheese board is the simplest thing where several delicious bite-sized foods are arranged together for people to enjoy. It can have sweet, savoury, crunchy elements and accompaniments. The main focus is the cheese, and many types of cheeses like cheddar, fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, blue cheese, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Romano, Swiss cheese, etc. Meats like salami and smoked salmon usually add the savoury element. Caviar and salmon roe are expensive additions to cheese boards. For the crunch, nuts, crackers and biscuits are added. The sweet is in the form of honey, chocolates and other desserts. Fruits are also added to cheeseboards to add freshness.

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Where can I find out more about cheese boards?

A cheese board is a board with cheese and accompaniments on it, as the name suggests. They are organised in a lovely fashion. The phrase charcuterie may be unfamiliar to you, but it refers to a cheese board containing meat. They are composed of different types of cheese, fruits like berries, crackers and chocolate goods, cold slices of meat like smoked ham or salami, and crackers and honey. A cheese board needs to be visually appealing and full of decadent and luxury items. Similar to how flowers are placed to form a bouquet, the components are organised to seem attractive. After all, this work of art is edible!

Most often, cheese boards are presented at parties or get-togethers with friends and family members. As a result, everything is bite-sized and can be easily consumed without disrupting your conversations. The cheese board's awesomeness will only further the discourse. A wide range of flavours and textures ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy. We all like to treat ourselves from time to time, and cheese boards are no exception.


Why are cheese boards gaining in popularity on social media sites such as Instagram?

In the past few years, Instagram has been flooded with cheese platters and plates. This is what every Instagram post strives to be. Each board is unique because so many possible combinations and layouts may be built utilising the various components. There are now "cheese board influencers" who have earned enormous online credibility simply by sharing photographs of cheese boards and platters on their social media pages.

Why is it that cheese boards and platters are gaining popularity?

Instagram is the most upscale social media network, with the most stunning photographs receiving the most likes. While food photography has always captured the public's attention, Instagram encourages more individuals to share images of their cuisine. Thousands of people like both amateur and professional food photography. Among these food photography submissions, one genre has recently gained traction.

Cheeseboards and cheese platters have become such a popular trend on Instagram that the phrase "cheese board influencer" has been coined to refer to an influencer who regularly shares beautiful images of cheese boards on Instagram and the Internet. The popularity of cheese boards on Instagram may be attributed to young professionals equating these beautiful culinary images with domesticity and peace.