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The two most powerful warriors in life are patience and time. Time is money, and it waits for no one. But at ellementry, we have made the time beautiful by handcrafting wooden wall clocks that make you fruitfully look at time. It makes you realise that the time is running so make the most of it every day. At ellementry, we see the beauty in doing things and not just beautiful things. Welcome to ellementry where each piece is a perfect fusion of form and function. There can't be a better way to infuse the rustic charm in your home decor than with a wooden wall clock. The minimalist design shows the time with classic, slender arms. Buy wall clock online from ellementry. These wooden wall clocks will look beautiful in your, kitchen, dining table, bedside or even in the kid's room. These wall clocks are available in natural mango wood. These wooden clocks are in shape of various forms of fruits like pear, apple and more. Break everyday patterns with our contemporary designs which pay homage to our culture, find more at ellementry.com