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Kitchens that inspire. Conversations you desire.


Sun soaked afternoons and nights that fade into mornings.


Beauty, with a purpose


Turn on the magic


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handpicked by us

handpicked by us

Breakfast jumpstarts the metabolism, and it helps in burning more calories throughout the day. This beautiful handcrafted Earth Breakfast Set is a healthy gift ...
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handpicked by us

Featuring hand-painted blue flowers on an indigo glazed backdrop, our Indigo Symphony Trinket Box Set of Two (large & small) is a piece of functional art! It is...
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handpicked by us

Complete your festive look with this Feast Ceramic Platter Set of Two in rustic white colour. This platter set adorns your special occasion and even blends in y...
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handpicked by us

This festive season do you want to gift your loved ones something that will last past the season? Gift them the goodness of green that will enrich the ambience ...
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handpicked by us

Dress your dining table most beautifully with this Classic Stripes 100% Cotton Table Runner. It acts as a foundation for your table decor and protects your tabl...
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roots and stories

of the artisans and the tale of handcrafted living

Are you using ladles the wrong way?

Ladles are one of the essential kitchen tools in today’s date. Every household has a ladle, it might be made of different materials, like steel, copper, wood or rubber, but every functional kitchen sure has one. If not, how are you going to serve your stew and soup to those waiting at the dinner table, […]


Top 5 types of bowl for perfect family get together

A great way to catch up with the lives of family members is via a family get-together. It strengthens the bond of family and is a great way to reinforce family traditions on the younger ones. And no family get together is complete without a delicious meal. Apart from strengthening the bond, eating a meal […]


Food items that should never be mixed while cooking

What do you think you will see if you had a chance to peek in the kitchens of the world’s best dietitians and nutritionists? These are the people who know what to eat and what not to eat to lead a long healthy life and maintain a fit body. While you may not be surprised […]


Microwave cooking tips for a lazy day

We all have those days when we’re in the mood for some yummy food, but the thought of preparing a full meal on the stovetop or in the oven just instantly kills our appetite. You would much rather reach for a bag of chips to satiate your hunger than cook. For days like these when […]


How tablespoons make serving hassle-free

A spoon is an essential kitchen tool used while cooking, serving, and eating food. Many different kinds of spoons are available at Ellementry to serve food, salads or desserts. Although the typical household may not differentiate between each one of them, they boast different functionalities in restaurants all over the world. Knowing this variation between […]


Why Indian food is a popular choice for fusion cuisine

The craving for soul-burning hot food calls for Mexican cuisine, soothing and flavour-rich food calls for Italian delicacies, and delicious fast food calls for American food. But, Indian cuisine takes more than one flavour to define itself. From the simplicity of South Indian cuisine to the North Indian cuisine’s spiciness, Indian cuisine gives room to […]


How utensil holders can improve the appearance of your kitchen

Kitchens today are bustling hubs filled with families and friends cooking together, catching up, celebrating traditions and rustling up delicious meals. Cooking spaces as a way to bond is fast becoming a favourite with many families. The concept of sharing, caring and working together is more relevant today than it was a few years ago. […]

Desired & Delivered

Desired & Delivered

All your desires met in time. Not only do we shape beauty, we deliver it pronto.

Sealed & Secured

Sealed & Secured

Stow your worries about the delivery away. We have you covered with 100 % guarantee and warranty.

Safe & Savvy

Safe & Savvy

Safe for food consumption. Safe for the environment. Safe to say, it is savvy with all your needs.


questions you probably have but haven't asked yet.

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Q. What is ellementry?

A. ellementry is a brand that believes what does good, looks good. And what looks good, does good.

Q. Where is ellementry based?

A. Its inspiration is based in nature, seasons, colours, moods, cultures and life itself. It's headquartered in Jaipur.

Q. How do you make this?

A. We make most of our products with our hands. So, no two are alike. But they're a set, much like families.

Q. Who makes this?

A. Machines are not our artists. Local artists who’ve worked with us for generations are.

Q. It looks lovely, but my househelp can be quite reckless.

A. Don't worry. Every piece can be washed by the toughest, roughest hands out there. It's a match made in the sink.

Q. What if it it slips?

A. While our products are househelp proof, we’re afraid it isn’t gravity-proof yet.

Q. Will wood look just as good as the day I bought it?

A. Wood grows old, as do people. Just rub it with coconut, sunflower or olive oil and watch it age gracefully.

Q. Is it okay to chop on wooden boards?

A. Of course. They're absolutely food-safe. Sure your knives will leave marks on the wood but that's just wood ageing gracefully.

Q. Is fusing materials safe?

A. Yes. Nature is full of fusions. We've learnt from the very best.

Q. Is this safe to eat in? Will the polish on the wood enter my food?

A. We have one word for you: Never. It's entirely food safe.

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