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Kitchens that inspire. Conversations you desire.


Everything that takes the best seat at your table


Sun soaked afternoons and nights that fade into mornings.


Beauty, with a purpose


Turn on the magic

trending and timeless

handpicked by us

roots and stories

of the artisans and the tale of handcrafted living


One year of everyday beautiful!

A letter from form to function Dear Function, I remember being born along side you. We’ve always been one in nature. The leaves have rustled the symphony of our union for ages. And above them the moon enacts our story too. Looking beautiful, it waxes and wanes on time to drive the tide.


The Ellementry Museum

A visit guided by tradition I am tradition. And you’re about to walk down my hallway. It’s one full of culture. Of arts that outlive people. Because there’s art that appears on newsfeeds and gets lost like a flash in the pan. Then there are art forms that whisper wisdom passed down generations.


Desired & Delivered

All your desires met in time. Not only do we shape beauty, we deliver it pronto.

Sealed & Secured

Stow your worries about the delivery away. We have you covered with 100 % guarantee and warranty.

Safe & Savvy

Safe for food consumption. Safe for the environment. Safe to say, it is savvy with all your needs.


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