our craft

At Ellementry, we see the beauty in doing things and not just things that are beautiful. We design with purpose and craft with beauty in mind. Machines are not our artists. Artists are. Every product is a blend of mind and soul, it’s a fusion of sense and sensuous. Our craft contains both our view of the world as well as our place in it: our purpose.

the six pillars


Every single product of ours is handmade. From the moulds to the motifs on it, our craftsmen breathe life into materials. Our products aren't about machine-made perfection, they celebrate handmade imperfection.


Fusing elements enhances utility and beauty, both. Our wood is enamel-plated, and glass marries wood. It makes products more purposeful, easier to use and simpler to clean. All along, keeping them food safe.


We’ve learned from nature that what looks good also does good. That’s why, sustainability is at the heart of our design thinking. None of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, materials, designs and ideas are an expression of love for Mother Nature.

form & function

The universe shows that utility and beauty go hand in hand. Purpose and beauty are partners. We’ve taken that inspiration and brought into every product. They look just as good as they do good. Every product is thoughtful and intuitive.

culture revival

Our creation celebrates our roots. It grasps from culture and revives it. It reimagines traditions. It learns from wisdom of the past. From colours and textures to processes, we bring the wisdom and beauty of culture back to life.

food safe

Every fusion, pattern, design and material we use is food safe. It’s safe to serve in, it’s safe to cook in (wherever it isn’t, we make sure to mention it). Our products fulfill their core purpose while retaining their beauty.