FAQ on Roti Tong

The Roti Tong is available in Brass, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Roti Tong products range from the lowest price being INR 585 to the highest price being INR 585.

There are total 1 products in Roti Tong Category.

Sanchi brass roti tong, etc are the best selling products in Roti Tong Category.

ellementry’s tongs are the conductors of the kitchen orchestra. Each brass tong is a testament to our heritage of culinary excellence. The roti tong or roti chimta are not mere tools; they are extensions of the hands that craft your chapatis to perfection. The chapati tong or chapati chimta are the silent heroes that turn the simple act of cooking into a ritual. Whether it’s a kitchen tong for serving or a cooking tong for grilling, our tongs are designed with purpose, ensuring that every flip and grip is a reflection of your culinary prowess.