FAQ on Serveware

The Serveware is available in Ceramic, Ceramic, Ceramic, Ceramic, Ceramic, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Serveware products range from the lowest price being INR 390 to the highest price being INR 2750.

There are total 215 products in Serveware Category.

Rustic Reef Ceramic Nut Bowl, Rustic Reef Ceramic Soup Bowl, Rustic Reef Ceramic Serving Bowl With Wooden Lid, Rustic Reef Ceramic Serving Bowl, Amber Love Ceramic Bowl, etc are the best selling products in Serveware Category.

Serve you, guests, in beautifully handcrafted serveware from ellementry

More Options to Buy Serveware:  sheesham 2-tier cake stand serveware copper metal bar tools (set of 3) barware | shiraz brass cheese & wine cutlery set of 4 barware | fiore ceramic pasta bowl serveware | midnight mango wood cheese board (oval) serveware

In between the three essential meals, there is always time for some entertainment. We have the classic yet contemporary barware that includes the elegant and handy bar toolset, the classically styled cocktail shaker that comes with a built-in strainer for prepared 'up' drinks, ice bucket to keep your ice stay for long. Wine cooler too. You need much more than just alcohol to be a perfect place to cheers at home. With all the essential bar tools and barware accessories, you can make a variety of cocktails like an expert. So, create your cocktail drink like Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Mojitos and more. Well, the enjoyable moments also have celebrations like birthdays and all happy occasions, and for that, we have the perfect desserts & appetisers serveware. We have beautiful and useful tea & coffee set starting from cups to pot for the solo and family moments. Our barware accessories in the entertainment sector are also exquisite and unique, like bottle stoppers, toothpick holder and tea bag rest.

Things to Consider Before Buying Serveware Online

Don't just go for serveware only for the look; also consider its functionality and its usage. It is essential to know what your requirements are. While buying a serveware, you need to consider a few factors that include:

What kind of food you usually cook?

What size of serveware do you require?

How many people do you need to serve?

Is your serveware material food-safe?

Have you looked at eco-friendly serveware options?

Are you aware of the handcrafted serveware collection online?

Which design and colour do you prefer when it comes to serveware?

What serveware style will suit your tableware?

Serveware online shopping is simple, if only you do it the right way. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when you buy serveware online. The first step is to look at the space available in your dining area and kitchen to accommodate the serveware. Once you've looked at the space, look at the kind of tableware you have because your tableware needs to go well with your serveware for a perfect dining setup. Do you need metal serveware, terracotta serveware, wooden serveware, ceramic serveware, glass serveware or ecomix serveware? With a touch of tradition or sustainability or a modern touch? Also, decide on a serveware price range that works for you.

So, When you go through certain designs of serveware, it would be best to opt for handcrafted serveware that blends well with the rest of the tableware and decor. If you have a smaller family, then your requirement is for smaller bowls. These bowls are ideal for serving appetisers. Our Wooden serveware are made of mango wood, teak wood, and some of the designs also fused with glass to make it more appealing. Our frangipani and fleur d'or collections have intricate floral design handpainted by artisans, and these serveware products can go very well with any table setting.

Moreover, our serveware section caters to your pleasurable moments. For example, our barware tools bring out the cocktail chef in you and stay handy if you choose to be the bartender for the night. From stirrers to blenders to wine coolers and ice buckets, our wooden barware and terracotta barware collections give you everything to host a night on the town. Most of our pieces from the barware collection come mostly with a touch of culture, making it a perfect fusion of modern and contemporary.

Explore the different type of serveware at ellementry

Ellementry brings you a wide range of serveware from barware to accessories to desserts & appetisers to tea & coffee, and more. Our serveware products are handcrafted with the utmost care by artisans keeping in mind every individual's serving needs. The various designs are available for every product in serveware and in different materials like:

Wood: You can choose serveware from different types of wood, depending on your needs. The options include teak, acacia, mango, and more. Be it Fryst barware in mango wood or mango wood hearty bowl or salad bowl in teak wood or wooden cheese boards and more.

Metal: Strong, sturdy, and 100% food safe. It is a fusion of traditional and modern design in our serveware products like a metal platter , bar tools, napkin holders, metal two-tier cake stand, fleur'D'Or wooden cake stand, frangipani lazy susan and more.

Ecomix: A brand new raw material we created by mixing together waste from our crafting units becomes an elegant, future-friendly papier-mache piece that could live in your home forever. Made of eco-friendly material like newspaper, glue and chalk powder, our serveware ecomix products like akoda cutlery stand, pebble pot lampshade and more are indeed a true amalgamation of beauty and craftsmanship. One of the best eco-friendly serveware.

Ceramic- We love working with ceramic and offer so much of it for your home. But ceramics are nothing new; humans have been making them for centuries. The word 'ceramic' itself is an ancient one, traced back to the Greek term keramos, meaning 'potter's clay. Be it our ceramic pasta bowls, or ceramic coffee mugs for having a cup of coffee together or teacups for tea time, or ceramic cake stand to end a good meal or more. Our ceramic serveware collections are hand-painted by artists who give them a culture coat while adhering to international food safety standards.

Glass- Our glass serveware products are made of recycled, future-friendly glass that is mouth-blown. Our cloches serveware are made of this type of glass.

Marble- Thousands of years ago, quarries in Makrana Rajasthan mastered the etching of marble. It was used to build the Taj Mahal. Our marble serveware is an ode to the Rajasthani technique of etching marble, our marble cake stand brings a piece of history, in a modern avatar, to your every day. It is paired with wood to give it that timeless touch.

Terracotta- Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of earth. Terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. It's porous, so it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Our terracotta serveware have alkaline goodness too.

Hospitality comes naturally with our culture and terracotta serveware plays the perfect co-host. It literally brings out the best in anything it serves for example, our Sienna barware collection,

At ellementry, it's not only the materials, colours, or variety of serveware but also the food-safety standards that are taken care of properly.

Buying Serveware Online from Ellementry

Are you planning to buy a serveware online within budget? Your search would end upon looking at the variety of options ellementry has to offer. You can buy a variety of serveware collection under INR. 4,000.

Moreover, you can buy serveware online and choose to pay via multiple payment options, including cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, online wallets, internet banking. We charge no shipping fee on your 1st order. So your 1st order shipping is free, and there is no restriction of minimum purchase also. Applicable only on prepaid order. Just Use Code: EllementryLove as coupon code.

Shopping online at ellementry also gives you the ease of ordering and customer-friendly return policies. If you want to buy serveware from the store, you can visit our ellementry stores located in Jaipur, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Explore The Latest Serveware Collection Online

Elegant handcrafted serveware defines style and adds an artistic touch to your table. For someone who loves to be the host, serveware is especially important, so why not switch to something handcrafted and sustainable. Ellementry brings you an exquisite collection of handcrafted serveware. It includes metal cake stands, trays and platters, bowls and coffee mugs, glasses and cloches for your dining table. Explore and experiment with a range of serveware at ellementry.

For a modern and contemporary home, serveware with a minimalist design and high functionality would be highly preferable. However, if you prefer a more traditional design theme for your serveware, then a  wooden serveware would fit seamlessly with your tableware. Mango wood serveware is worth every dime because of its strength and availability. So, get inspired by the ellementry online serveware collection and set up your dining area with ease.

Serving platters and bowls- These sweveware products are essential for any dining table as they help you serve the main course, from pasta to kababs to cheese to curries to salad and more. Serving platters and bowls deliciously present your food. There are many different serving platters, including some with rounded edges that help to have appetisers. Other serving bowls are best to have curry. Enjoy leisure Sunday breakfast in bed in wooden serving platters and bowls. Even these platters can also be used as serving trays.

Cake stands- In serveware more than the main course, dessert plays a more important role and cake stands at ellementry will uplift your dessert celebration. From tiered cake stands to platform cake stands, you may use any to display your sweet delicacies.  Platform cake stands are more preferred for home bakers, and tiered cake stands will also work well in. Our handcrafted serveware cakestands are made from marble and wood, metal, ceramic and wood. Our cakestands are beautifully handcrafted by artisans, and irrespective of cake stand type, they are best to display everything from mini to large cakes. Along with cake stand we also have cake server sets in brass and stainless steel.

Lazy susans- These are useful serveware items that can help make passing condiments easier than ever. Our lazy susan servewares are handcrafted, so it knows personalisation from birth, and it goes around to keep the conversations flowing at your parties.

Cheese boards- Artfully arrange your cheese, crackers and fruit on our stylish and modern cheese serving board that will look great with any home or party décor. Mango wood makes it eco-friendly serveware and the right choice for gourmets.

Cups & mugs- These coffee mugs and teacups are made out of ceramic and glass to add a beautiful touch to your tea time stories.

Serveware for Sale on ellementry

Ellementry hosts various exciting offers from time to time on different serveware products online. You can grab huge discounts on silver metal serveware where you can save up to INR 750 as a discount.