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Beauty finds itself in the finest details of nature. All we need to do is take some time off our buzzing routine and observe. There is beauty in the sound of wind and the clear crystal waters. But beauty in the most unlikely places has its own charm. And only when we let ourselves loose and draw a breath of nature, is when we really learn to appreciate the details. In the imperfections. Our cork bottle stopper is hand-painted by artists, making each one unique and a piece of art. It sits like a crown on your glass bottle as it stands tall on your table. Our glass bottle stopper online adds a regal touch to whichever bottle it helms. Both add beauty in an unlikely place: your hydration routine. And if it looked so beautiful, who would need a reminder to hydrate? They break an everyday pattern, making the mundane, beautiful. They not only go well on your dining table, but also on your nightstand. Buy bottle stopper online at www.ellementry.com