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Where do old newspapers go, after they’re old news? Papier Mache has an answer. As an art form it goes back to centuries. By layering torn newsprint and bathing it with flour and glue, this art form tells us that culture had sustainability in mind without spelling it out. And it takes an artist to craft a retirement scheme for old newspapers. At ellementry we have storage boxes made of papier-mache. These are incredibly lightweight and yet very sturdy. A small box made of papier-mache is suitable for decorating side tables, centre tables, or even the dining table. The minimalistic design on these boxes and handpainted by the artists. The beautiful design gives them an ethnic look but in a modern avatar. These utility boxes are handcrafted, and as they are made of recycled stuff, so they are eco- friendly as well. These kind of storage boxes are perfect for serving dry fruits or mouth freshener to the guests in the living room or on the dining table. If placed on the dressing table, then they are perfect for storing jewellery or other small knick-knacks like hairpins, rubber bands and more.