FAQ on Kitchen Linen

The Kitchen Linen is available in 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton, Terracotta, 100% Cotton, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Kitchen Linen products range from the lowest price being INR 531 to the highest price being INR 1550.

There are total 11 products in Kitchen Linen Category.

Blush Cotton Kitchen Apron, Indigo Swirl 100% Cotton Dish Towel Set of 2, Maze Cotton Dish Towel Set of Two, Earthy Cotton Kitchen Apron, Rice Dish Towel Set of Two, etc are the best selling products in Kitchen Linen Category.

Kitchen Linen

A house is not really a home without a kitchen. And If the kitchen is where all good things begin, why can't it have a fashion statement of its own? Our range of linen brings beauty to some of the most meaningful pieces functional while cooking. Our kitchen aprons don the home chef in patterns and soothing hues. From Indigo to bright yellow, they reflect happy kitchens for happy foods. The cotton dish towels are woven in exciting patterns that will go along with the old and contemporary style kitchen. If you're someone who's all about aesthetics, you'll love mixing and matching our different styles. As you prepare steaming hot preparations or for the times when the baking lover in you longs to try new dishes, we have you beautifully covered with our cotton mitt and pot holder. The linen is all weaved in cotton, so it's comfortable, skin-friendly and beautiful: simultaneously.


When it comes to cooking, whisking or baking, things get messy, poofs of powder sugar escaping out of the mixing bowl, flour dust while making roti, keeping your clothes and yourself together in the kitchen can be challenging.  Here apron comes to your rescue. Various apron designs at ellementry are not just a cloth of necessity, but they will also make you feel quite fabulous in the kitchen! You will find some unique and beautiful cotton tie on aprons, improving your working style with minimum efforts and elegance.

Advantage of Ellementry Aprons

No Stain on your clothes- The primary role is to protect the cook from getting spills and stains on the clothes. They can also be used for cleaning the hands. A kitchen apron prevents your clothes from coming in contact with the food; hence any germs, dust, hair, etc., stay within the apron and off your plate. 

Pockets - Ellementry aprons come with pockets; kitchen warrior aprons will help in keeping handy dry cloth to wipe the vessels or to keep the extra spatula or ladle handy while cooking or serving. Blush Cotton Kitchen Apron is best if you are doing gardening. You will be happy to have an apron to hold various tools and seeds while they work outside. 

Fashion statement- Apart from the functional benefits of wearing an apron, the apron is also a fashion statement. You will feel like a celebrity chef by wearing the apron, be it everyday cooking or cooking for a special occasion.

When you are in the kitchen, there are some things you cannot do without the kitchen towel or the dish towel. The functionality of these towels is so high that different geographies have used them most conveniently.

Advantage of Ellementry dish towels

Absorb spillage- Spilling liquid or dry items on the kitchen counter is very common on the kitchen counter while cooking. Ellementry dishtowels are made of 100% cotton, so they are best in absorbing; therefore, they come in handy in wiping the counter or even the wipe dishes or other utensils. They are commonly used to wipe dishes and other utensils. 

Perfect Size- Dishtowels needs to be of the right size, it should not be too small or too big. This is because it will take longer to dry or do smaller things like drying the cutting board or whipping the dishes. Go for a standard size that will help you with most of the tasks.

Easy to clean- To ensure the versatile dish towels remain fresh without any smell, make sure you have different kitchen towels for other tasks. Ellementry dishtowels are made of pure cotton, so they become soft with every washing. 

Various designs- Who says that Dishtowel needs to be boring, at ellementry you will find good quality 100% cotton dishtowels in multiple designs.    

Available in a set - Ellementry dish towels are available in a set of two. Many dish towel sets can be coordinated with a matching apron like waffle blue dish towel, blush dish towel, earthy dish towel, and more for a coordinated kitchen look.

Mitt and Pot Holder

Beauty doesn't scream for attention; it's just there for you to contemplate. We at ellementry believe that what looks good should also do good. Form and functionality merge into the design. Keep your hand safe from hot plates and dishware with our microwave oven gloves, which are heat resistant and look chic. Fashionable to use in the kitchen, practical, and food safe making them perfect for everyday use.

Advantage of ellementry mitt and pot holders

Versatile companion – You may use them for baking, cooking or grilling. Keep them handy and ready to use for any occasion with various patterns to choose from and make a subtle statement because true beauty just exists. 

Firm grip- Made with love, our microwave oven gloves for the kitchen are soft on your hands, give you a firm grip to handle hot items to hold or to put or take out them from the microwave oven. These are lightweight, flexible and non-slippery. We make handmade products making everything as unique as you.

Pot holder- It is a useful alternative to trivets when looking for a barrier between a table and a hot dish. Besides that, it provides an easy way to grab a pot holder and requires less time to put them on. It provides an easy way to grab a pot holder, and requires less time to put them on. 

For holding hot utensils- When you have to hold the heavier and hot serveware or cookware, mittens are best. Ellementry cotton oven mitts are fabricated using layered and thick fabric that passes almost all kitchen tests.  

When choosing the elegant mitts that you can hang in the kitchen, Ellementry offers a perfect combination of decent looks and reasonable prices. The variety of mitt and pot holder range from simple to stylish and muffled colours. You get various options; choose that is most appropriate as per your convenience.