Our Story

our story


For us, good design isn’t a privilege, it is customary.

It doesn’t stop at products, it inspires lifestyles.

It is where nature meets tradition to handcraft beauty that goes beyond sight, found at the intersection of what we see and what we make of it

Ellementry is in the details!


Brew the perfect blend of desires and necessities. Shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities,

Each of our products masters the art of handmade imperfection. Every creation, an expression of love for the environment!

A seamless blend of elements that are both sense and sensuous, our products don’t come at the cost of childhood or the planet.

Guarantee the safety of your food and satisfaction of your mind And craft a new and mindful vocabulary of design for moments you live in.

our journey


Dileep Industries is born. The future began.


Started as a Trading unit for Artefacts. Small steps. Big plans.


Set up of First Manufacturing Unit (Wood based). Hands on, head on.


Went international with our association with a Foreign Designer. Blends begin at home.


Won Top Exporters Trophy in Woodwares. Congrats to us.


Won Top Exporters Trophy in Ceramics & Woodwares. Brought it home.


Started Terracotta, Glass & Furniture manufacturing. We started to live in a Material world.


Started our Ecomix Factory. Bagged the Top Export Award for Ceramic Artware. All in a year’s work.


Went domestic with Chopping board. Home is where the art is.


ellementry is born

founder's message

For over 30 years, we at Dileep Industries have pioneered exporting handcrafted products to global brands. Inspired by our love for handmade artistry, I started Ellementry to bring that expertise and international standard to the Indian audience. All of the products we craft are sustainable and follow the belief that 'what looks good, should also do good'. At Ellementry, each of our products blends form and function expressing love for the environment and making your every day beautiful.

Ayush Baid