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The Ladle is available in Brass, Stainless Steel, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Ladle products range from the lowest price being INR 1750 to the highest price being INR 3190.

There are total 2 products in Ladle Category.

Celestial Brass Ladle Set of 2, Norah rose gold hammered handle ladle set of 2, etc are the best selling products in Ladle Category.


Every kitchen needs a few things, and a spatula/spatula is one of those basic pieces of cutlery. Since the wooden ladle will not scratch the pan or wok, it is your best bet. A kitchen ladle provides a solid grip for quickly flipping or stirring contents. This is because wooden ladle does not carry heat. Ellementry's wooden ladle are free of dangerous chemicals. Because they correspond to international food safety regulations, there will be no reaction or odour. Without the use of dangerous chemicals, the teak wood and mango wood used in the manufacture of this wooden spatula for cooking is completely safe for the environment and your food. Now you can say goodbye to scratches on your costly cookware with this wooden spoon! This kitchen spoon makes serving a breeze. It will look great in any kitchen and go well with the decor, no matter what the style.

Currently, ladles are a necessary culinary utensil. In every practical kitchen, there is a ladle. It may be made of steel or copper, wood or rubber. If not, how are you going to serve your stew and soup to those waiting at the dinner table, with a delicious smell penetrating their nostrils? Our experience has shown that ladles are one of the most useful kitchen tools, and they can rescue you from cooking and serving disasters.

We are all aware of how critical it is to have the proper tools and ingredients in the kitchen to accommodate the cook's requirements for cooking to their satisfaction. The cook's delight grows when the perfect serving is achieved, which is difficult with sauces, soups, stews, and other culinary items without the ladle.

After all, your ladle will play a critical role in sparing you from various uncomfortable scenarios that may arise while serving. The best kitchen essentials can be purchased at Ellementry, a company known for supplying the highest quality handcrafted kitchen and home items.

How wooden ladles enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen?

The interior of a kitchen is critical in today's environment, and the kitchen has become as much a point of display as any other room in the house. We believe that having a well-furnished kitchen is critical to the kitchen's attractiveness and presentation. Thus, how can a kitchen be considered well-furnished without the inclusion of necessary cutlery?

We've previously established how critical it is for every ancient house to have a ladle in its kitchen, and having wooden ladles is frosting on the cake, as wooden ladles bring aesthetic elegance to the kitchen. Recently, wooden ladles have become the most popular type of ladle, simply because they add to the attractiveness of the kitchen. Not only are wooden ladles a lovely piece of kitchen cutlery, but they also require significantly less upkeep than other materials used to make ladles. 

Ellementry has the best quality wooden ladles, as well as the greatest quality kitchen supplies. Each ladle must be classified according to the type of ladle to which it belongs. Because the majority of people are unconcerned with the sort of ladle they use, only the proper usage of ladles can ensure that your serving is done precisely. We have attempted to describe the various techniques of each ladle in this post, but one cannot expect to obtain any spills or drips when using a soup ladle to serve sauce. Once we use the serving cutlery properly, serving will become much more lovely and manageable.