FAQ on Chip-n-dip

The Chip-n-dip is available in Ceramic, Ceramic, Ceramic, Arjan Wood, Mango Wood, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Chip-n-dip products range from the lowest price being INR 1550 to the highest price being INR 2890.

There are total 5 products in Chip-n-dip Category.

Amber Love Ceramic Chip-n-dip, Fiore Ceramic Chip-n-dip, Carbon Ceramic Chip N Dip, umber leaf chip & dip platter, Floral Chip & Dip - Wood and Glass, etc are the best selling products in Chip-n-dip Category.

Between passing around packets of chips and upgrading the hosting game, we all grow up. The ceramic chip-n-dip online set from ellementry strikes the perfect balance of playfulness and classy. In fact, chip n dip set can make a great impression on your guests when you serve snacks filled with your favourite dip. At ellementry, the chip and dip sets are entirely crafted by hand from ceramic pieces that come with hand-painted patterns, to ones that are a fusion of metal and enamel. Buy chip n dip from here as we have a wide range of chip and dip sets. You can buy chip n dip alone or with the entire collection also. In most of our ceramic dinnerware collection, we have a chip n dip set. These food-safe chip and dip are as per the international standards. Beautifully handcrafted to make your every day beautiful, and you will love picking the chip n dip platter for your party or for your daily snack time. So, while having snacks alone or serving to your guest, there is always time for Chip-Dip Share-Repeat.