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Niraan Ecomix Vase With Handle, Niraan Ecomix Vase, Ecomix Llama with Iron Feet, Ecomix Elephant with Iron Feet, Lavender Vanilla Ecomix Jar Wax Candle (1 Wick), etc are the best selling products in Decor Category.

Wall Art

Decor plays an essential role in any home. It talks about the style and mood of the people who are living there. Home is not just a place to return at the end of each day. It should also give you a friendly environment to enhance your comfort. But before you embark on any home decor online, consider the theme of your decor and form and functionality. Our home decor products have a variety of products for every room. We have modern art wall decor for the living room. For the dining room, we have dining decor that includes - food-safe bowls and platter for the parties and everyday nibble. We have T- light holders, scented wax-filled jars, and more for creating the room decor's romantic and soothing ambience. For the kitchen, we have wall art, notice boards, and hooks. We have curated some adorable handcrafted décor items, especially for you. Our home decor consists of dining decor, stylish wall decor and table decor.

We have curated some adorable handcrafted wall décor items, especially for you. We have beautiful wall decor products for your living room. So, when you buy home decor online from here, it is a gorgeous display of craftsmanship as they turn your walls into a canvas. These rustic metal arts are as classy as it is beautiful. It is a piece of art that you can display over a sofa or bed to create a sense of exploration & elegance. These decore items are created with simple yet contemporary design in the tradition of less is more. These wall hangings can seamlessly blend into any room of your house. Find elegant bedroom decor and other stunning pieces that catch the eye. So, whether you are looking to decorate study walls or some arty touch to your walls, we have got you covered.

Table Décor

The decor elements used in the house creates an impression on the guests. The proper table decor's impact and influence also play a significant role in enhancing the mood and set a perfect ambience. Buy table decor from here. You can find stylish handcrafted home accents for any room of your home. We have a unique range of functional home decor; this is beautiful and useful. Consider placing wooden table decor for a polished finish. Create a warm atmosphere with wax-filled jars. Buy table decor online to enhance the look of your house. Our products are handcrafted and mostly made from sustainable material like wood, papier mache, metal and more.

Kitchen Décor

From starting the day with making morning tea to treat your midnight hunger pangs, the kitchen's importance cannot be ignored. Therefore we have kitchen decor online here to evoke an individual to prepare dinner for themselves and their family members. When it comes to decor, it needs to be beautiful as well as functional home decor. They need to play the twin role of being as aesthetically pleasing as they're utilitarian. Our handcrafted decor products are beautiful as well as useful. For example, our wooden decor wall hooks act as decor and even holds trinkets, napkins to keep them handy for you. Our notice board with cutlery pinboard will sort your life in more ways than you can imagine. From grocery list to essential reminders for the day to the day's recipe, the notice board will not let you miss a thing.

Shop from the wide range of table decor items online

Looking for the best table décor items? Look no further than ellementry, a lifestyle brand of handcrafted homeware that is sure to make your everyday beautiful. Decorating your home has never been easier than with our easy to search and browse categories of home decor right at your fingertips.

Serve your preparations with purity and charm. Having a set of decorative bowls makes the food look so elegant on the dining table. These bowls are handcrafted and made of different materials. For example, our decorative bowl fusion of glass and enamel is perfect for your table and doubles up as a fruit display. Check out our collection of handcrafted bowls online; they are food-safe bowls as per international standards. Our bowls are multipurpose and used for lots of different things like a centrepiece, fruit bowl and more.

Ecomix box

Where do old newspapers go after they're old news? Papier Mache has an answer. As an art form, it goes back to centuries. By layering torn newsprint and bathing it with flour and glue, this art form tells us that culture had sustainability in mind without spelling it out. And it takes an artist to craft a retirement scheme for old newspapers. At ellementry, we have storage boxes made of papier-mache. These are incredibly lightweight and yet very sturdy. A small box made of papier-mache is suitable for decorating side tables, centre tables, the minimalistic design on these boxes and handpainted by the artists. These utility boxes are handcrafted, and as they are made of recycled stuff, so they are eco-friendly as well. These kinds of storage boxes are perfect for serving dry fruits or mouth freshener to the guests. If placed on the dressing table, then they are perfect for storing jewellery or other small knick-knacks like hairpins, rubber bands and more.


A decorative platter on the centre table elevates your décor style. These designer platters are handcrafted and perfect for fresh fruits, or you can even use them as a centrepiece to keep potpourri on the table. These bowls are handcrafted and made of other materials. For example, the textured metal platter is perfect for serving freshly cut fruits and salads.

T-Light holder

Good things often come in small packages, just like the light holders. You will find tea light holders at Ellementry that will sit well on your dinner table and blends well into the ambience too. They don't get too bright on the eyes and gives the perfect amount of lighting. Imagine the soft and glowing flame creating a mesmerising atmosphere and add a glowing texture for your special happy moments like a romantic dinner or a house party where jazz music is playing in the background. You may use these T light holders to give a stylish touch and brighten the lonely corner of your room or adorn the setting of your centre table. These tea light votives are perfect for giving as a housewarming gift to your loved ones. You can keep these tea light holders near your planters to highlight your garden's natural setting by beautifully lighting up that space. Place them around any corner or table of the house that you want to highlight subtly.

Wax filled jars & bowls

Happiness is real, only when shared. Much like how a flame multiplies, some people carry positivity and spread their light to whoever they touch. The handcrafted scented wax filled jars & bowls are the perfect gift that compliments this quality of theirs. It is the best gift that you can give to yourself. They adorn any place they're put on: be it your table or as part of your bedroom decor, an excellent addition to your bathroom, and even to your meditation routine, encouraging you to let go, easing anxiety and helping you unwind over the weekend.

Accent pieces

A home is a place that feels comfortable, your own space where you belong – and the best way to give it a character is to add accent pieces. It will add another layer to your area, and the best rooms are the ones that have that layered feel. Try an interesting accent piece where wood serenades metal like this set of minikin elephants. Go ahead, choose your favourite. It'll be fun, we promise.


At Ellementry, we believe the key to sustainability is making it local, ensuring the sustainability of crafts, craftspersons, and the planet. Our ecomix vases are made of a material we created by upcycling waste from our crafting units - helps us walk this talk. Other sustainable materials used in our vase is terracotta that allows us the freedom to create a wide variety of forms and shapes for things that are equally beautiful and useful for your home.

Accent & Sculpture

A chirpy bird to add a new note of interest to your home decor scheme? The quickest way to refresh your spaces is by adding elegant accents like this piece in teak wood. Our ceramic stone sculptures add just the right note of cool to your living spaces. Take your favorite ones home to create a charming vignette with a bunch of potted succulents and some books to watch it become a coveted space for everyone.


Create a green sanctuary in your home, one planter at a time! You can make your own favourite corner for a good read with our planters: our embossed terracotta planter, Teravak, endeavours to bring joy to your everyday living.  Crafted by expert hands from terracotta, this planter comes embossed with a minimalist floral pattern. Lift it up, and you'll see a perfectly fitted tray that catches all the extra water. Simple, useful and waiting to make a home in yours! Where would you place in your home?

Why should you have a noticeboard in your kitchen?

A kitchen notice board is the easiest way to make it organised. You can stick, pin or write all your recipes, grocery list and food for thought, respectively on a beautifully handcrafted notice board from ellementry. You can quickly pin recipes, grocery list, pin your favourite photos or write to-do lists or food quote. Place the wooden kitchen notice board where no one can miss it. If you love writing more than pinning, then go for our wall hanging chalkboard, and if you like pining and writing, then we have a notice board with a chalkboard and a pinboard. Buy a notice board from ellementry to sort your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Why kitchen wall art decor is a good option?

Our wall art decor is the most creative way to uplift your cooking space's look without spending much. The possibilities are infinite to decorate your dining area with our wall décor. At Ellementry, you will get to choose from a wide range of wall art décor especially designed for the dining area. The handcrafted décor is just a click away. Buy wall art decor from Ellementry, and there will never be a dull moment in your cooking. They are metal wall art made of copper and in the shape of fruits like apple&pear, and they come in different sizes. The best part is that these handcrafted wall art decor online even double up as a fruit basket. Let your dining area be your canvas, and these metal wall arts an accessory for them. These wall art are sustainable and handcrafted, so these will be good for nature, too, while beautifully decorating your house.

How wall hooks make the kitchen more organised?

Who says organising can't be elegant? The wooden wall hook mounts well into your kitchen and is perfect for hanging towels and aprons. Wall hooks online here are the best way to keep clothes organised in the least possible time. For those who go for subtlety and are serious about keeping the cooking area in order, our handcrafted wall hooks are a perfect fit. Hang aprons, towels or anything of that sort on these. Take a smart approach to organise with these wooden wall hooks. They can hold napkins, mitts or aprons easily. Our wall hooks are ideal for smaller spaces; many components can be hung on a wall and can hold everything from kitchen dish towels to mittens to a tea strainer. With the chic look, our wall hooks will not shy when it comes to style. You can add our ceramic wall hooks in an entry area also for a vintage look and add a little colour. It makes room in tight spaces for hats, coats and umbrella.