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Happiness is real, only when shared. Much like how a flame multiplies, some people carry positivity and spread their light to whoever they touch. The handcrafted scented wax candles are the perfect gift that compliments this quality of theirs. It is the best gift that you can give to yourself. They adorn any place they’re put on: be it your dining table or as part of your bedroom decor, an excellent addition to your bathroom, and even to your meditation routine encouraging you to let go, easing anxiety and helping you unwind over the weekend. These scented jar candles stand tall, but they’re not harsh and never get in the way of conversations. Whether you want floral, citrus or musk fragrances, we have the best fragrances from soothing lavender to elevating vanilla; our wax-filled jars help you create the vibe you need. In fact, they help you get in your zone while adding a charm to your tabletops and coffee tables. They create a lasting aroma to create a perfect fragrance for your home.  

FAQ On Wax Filled Jar Products

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